On the Hunt for Lavender October. (My Huntress Review)

By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


Huntress is one of those characters that I could go either way on. It seems like many a fanboy are ravenous for the raven-haired, Batman family black sheep. Like Donna Troy and Power Girl (Hey! Where the hell did they land in this messy game of 52 pick up?) I've enjoyed her in the past: Infinity Inc. - yes, I'm dating myself - hey, when I grow up, I want to be an old woman! (Thanks, Michelle Shocked.) And, I also enjoyed Gail Simone's portrayal of Helena Bertinelli over in the pre-52 Nu DC U in Birds of Prey. Hey, now that Valerie Bertinelli has managed to keep off the 50 lbs. of baby fat from 30 years ago due to Jenny Craig, can she be the new Huntress? Flying around Italy in designer outfits by day, pigging out on slimming frozen entrees ,loaded with god-only-knows-what unnatural ingredients by night. Geez! No wonder Batman never cared for "Hunty" that much. Throw in the fact that she has been known to shidazzle Bats' favorite boy toy, Dick Grayson, every now and again, and I'm not surprised she has a big bat symbol on her big, greasy Guidette forehead.

I wasn't going to pick up the new 5-issue Huntress mini series by Paul Levitz, as she usually entertains me in someone else's book, but it usually leaves me looking for the remote control otherwise. I was immediately drawn in by the beautiful cover by Guillem March. Despite the crotch akimbo money shot, the man just draws pretty pictures, what can I tell you?

We open with Huntress landing in Italy on some mission I could care less about. (I think she was out of mascarpone or something.) I can't help but suspect that this series was planned well before Dan Didio picked the "52 idea ball" out of the manatee tank, and they figured they could work it in anyway. That has been my general consensus about the whole 52 shebang; not a bad idea overall, but rushed and certainly not over thought. It is similar to doing a fashion show that hasn't been choreographed, and all of the models agreeing to just do a "chevron." That's right, kiddies, I used to model. I'd show you my credentials from the Margaret O'Brien modeling Academy in Toledo, OH, had I finished the course. Incidentally, Katie Holmes went there, as well. See? I have much in common with famous people: same "school" and same attraction to gay men.

But, I digress; Huntress is neither here nor there. The writing is just fine, as legendary Paul Levitz, whom always spins a fine yarn and has an affection for Huntress, does a swell job. I first dismissed the art by Marcus To as being too similar to the Luna Brothers, but he quickly changed my mind with his delicate, pretty style and fluid storytelling. I know a lot of people love Huntress, but, for my attention span and $2.99, sometimes love just ain't enough.





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