Batman: The (Not So) Black and White of It

I think it's fair to say that Batman is one of the most popular characters in pop culture history. It isn't too hard to dissect why. He looks cool, he has fun toys, and he has awesome powers. Oh, wait . . .

Anyway . . . several years back, DC had the genius idea to do a Batman series in black and white using top talent to showcase the dark and light of the caped crusader. It was a concept that has been re-visited since then, and it is a concept (like Batman himself) that could never get old. Well, it's that same "Bat" time again with that same "Bat" concept as DC unleashes another anthology limited series of Batman Black and White, sporting a beautiful cover by Top Cow's head honcho Marc Silvestri. It's always fun to see Image Comics' refugees return to the big two. Credit must be given to editor Mark Chiarello, the genius behind DC's Wednesday Comics, for mining brilliant, if not unusual, talent choices for his projects. It's not every day you get a lead tale written by wunderkind designer and Batman aficionado Chipp Kidd.

I was floored by the uninked pencils of comics legend Neal Adams and the concept of a zombie Batman. The highlight for me was the fun-filled, breathtaking art of Joe Quinones, whom I recently discovered and was blown away by his eye-popping color choices. So, it was a testament to his skill to see he can certainly "bring it" in black and white. The stories are hit or miss, but the visuals are worth the price of admission. With the promise of future hue-less contributions by J.G. Jones and the master, Adam Hughes, I will definitely be picking up the rest of this series and you should, too.

I would be remiss to write a piece on Batman and not mention the recent hullabaloo concerning the casting of Ben Affleck as Bats in the sequel to Man of Steel. Seriously, kids . . . Petitions? Death threats? Get a life. If anyone is to blame for the Daredevil debacle, it is more on Kevin Smith's head. (No disrespect. I loved Clerks!) It's not like Green Hornet set the movie world on fire. And, furthermore, if you don't like it, don't see it. But, I know better, you rabid, little fanboys . . . You'll piss and moan and you'll still buy your tickets in advance.

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