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Gay OK MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

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Me Tarzan, you gay.  You choose your battles; you pick your fights.

It should be no surprise to anyone (As they hyped the heck out of it!) that Northstar was joining the ranks of long-suffering heterosexuals by marrying his boyfriend, Kyle.

Should Marvel be praised for championing gay rights or condemned for jumping on the big, gay bandwagon following Obama's day late, dollar short, half-@$$ed endorsement of same sex marriage?  Mind you, I'm not complaining; any furthering of gay rights is good in my book.  You choose your battles.

Astonishing X-Men had a gay wedding not written by a gay man. A little disappointing especially when Jim McCaan works for Marvel.  I suppose a woman is the next best thing to a gay man.  At least they didn't have a straight guy writing it. Lord, I hate gay for pay (Unless it's Jake Gyllenhal, of course!).

Another reason to take issue with Marvel is Northstar's wishy washy sexuality.  When John Byrne created him, he was written as gay years ago.  When it was convenient for Marvel, they got a lot of publicity for Northstar's coming out story. When Marvel received a lot of backlash, Northstar was conveniently placed back in the closet for years. With gay issues being so hot right now (You can't throw a tiara without hitting a homo these days!), Marvel has conveniently reintroduced Northstar to the limelight. And, Northstar again? No other gay characters in the last 25 years? There has been no shortage in mutants, mind you. (Not counting the time that the Scarlet Witch was on the rag, of course!) You choose your battles.

I haven't read Astonishing X-Men for a while but was a good, duty-bound, little homosexual and marched my little, white fanny into Meltdown Comics to purchase this hysterical, I mean historical, event.  Much to my delight, American Apparel supplied a free t-shirt with purchase reading, "GAY O.K." I guess a Neanderthal works in their development department.  I already live in American Apparel hoodies, so this gives me one more reason to love them. You choose your battles.

But. But. Butt? Gay is O.K. Okay?  I'm surprised they legally let mutants get married. Now that would be an interesting story!  I long for the day when humans, mutants, gays, and straights will all be treated equally, unequivocally, and without question or consideration. For now I'll settle for paltry publicity stunts and whatnot.

As for the wedding issue itself? Let's just say . . . Karma's a b---h!

You choose your battles.

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