Over the past several years, podcasts, audio dramas, and audio books have become an exciting way for creators and entertainers to reach new audiences through their iPads, iPods, desktops, and smart phones.  Providing a creative outlet that can accommodate those on both a large and small budget, the auditory medium allows for listeners to enjoy new media while on the go while offering creators the chance to tell their stories in a variety of methods.  In today's edition of The Kickstarter Report, Fanboy Comics has chosen to highlight Joynt Efforts Productions, a small new-media production company dedicated to creating quality, successful narrative podcasts and webisodes focused on geek and pop-culture themes while promoting stories with strong characters--who happen to be women--with the spotlight on women in traditionally male-dominated fields such as science and technology.  Joynt Efforts' first audio project, Radio Zed, is a storytelling podcast using the old-school styles of early 20th-century radio shows to chronicle the adventures of a group of disparate survivors, drawn together by a mysterious, still broadcasting radio tower in an abandoned compound, high in the Rockies outside Boulder, CO.  The production company recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for Radio Zed to raise the necessary funds that would allow for the recording of Season 1, the music rights, web hosting and recording equipment, and the production of a short film set in the Radio Zed world (which will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con).

Readers of the Fanboy Comics website may or may not know that I am *kind of* a huge fan of The Hunger Games book series by Suzanne Collins.  (Kind of.  All right . . . I'm a Hunger Games fanatic.)  That being said, I am always excited to see other THG fans demonstrate their own love for Katniss and the engaging characters of Panem, especially when that admiration displays their own creativity.  For that reason, I am very excited to report that a team of talented filmmakers recently launched their own Kickstarter campaign for a Mockingjay fan film, and they need your help to bring one of the most memorable and climactic scenes of the third Hunger Games novel to life on film.  

Author Justin Robinson, best known for the novels Everyman, Mr. Blank, City of Devils, and Coldheart, cannot and will not stop writing, and, for this, we at Fanboy Comics at immensely grateful.  Robinson will soon be releasing Get Blank, the fast-paced, hitman-filled sequel to the excitingly hilarious conspiracy-noir novel Mr. Blank.  His publisher, Candlemark & Gleam, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to print and release the book, and the FBC staff is thrilled to share this great opportunity to pre-order the book with you.

For listeners to Fanboy Comics' flagship podcast, The Fanboy Scoop: Week in Review, you will already be familiar with comic book writer, artist, and editor Siike Donnelly.  (He recently appeared on the latest episode with OSSM Comics colleague Omar Spahi.)  Siike first became a friend of FBC in 2012, when he launched a Kickstarter campaign for Solestar, an original graphic novel featuring artwork donated by 60 different artists and educational information regarding brain aneurysms, the proceeds of which will go to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation.  Those who know Siike are aware that he is a survivor of a brain aneurysm, and that he has spent the past four years helping other survivors and educating the world about the need for further aneurysm research.  After the success of his Solestar Kickstarter campaign, Siike has again launched an ambitious crowdfunding campaign for his latest book, Elan Vital, and he needs your help to make this amazing project a reality.

Fanboy Comics strives to bring its readers the latest and greatest crowdfunding campaigns through its Kickstarter Report and Indiegogo Report series.  Most often, the selected campaigns are launched by independent writers, artists, filmmakers, and other creators who are hoping to bring their amazing ideas to a larger audience, and we at FBC are happy to do our part in assisting these creators.  Every now and then, there are campaigns that are so popular that they succeed within unimaginably small periods of time, and, for this, we also like to acknowledge their accomplishments. 

Over the past few years, Fanboy Comics' Kickstarter Report series has highlighted a myriad of indie comic book projects, many of which were targeted towards adult audiences.  At FBC, we love geeks of all ages, and we feel that it is important to bring our younger readers (and their geek-tastic parents) the same exciting array of independently created comic book projects that could soon be a reality.  Today, The Kickstarter Report will be highlighting SpaceBear, an interactive children's picture book and sci-fi adventure story designed for the geek parent (and their little fanboys and fangirls), filled with games, educational activities, and creative ways that parents can interact with their children.

Can't get enough of The Walking Dead?  Well, today is your lucky day!  The hit comic book series turned wildly popular TV show is making its way to the gaming medium, and you have the opportunity to make this transition a reality.  Through a partnership with independent game developers MegaGigaOmniCorp and Top8Magic (and with the blessing of series creator Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment), a Kickstarter campaign for The Walking Dead: The Prison - Board Game was recently launched as the standalone sequel to the hit 2011 game Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead: The Board Game, featuring the incredible artwork by series artist Charlie Adlard.  The game focuses on the events of Issues #13-24: the discovery of, fight to clean out, and struggle to control . . . the Prison; you and up to five of your friends will take on the role of one of the six leaders of the group from Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: Rick, Tyreese, Glenn, Dale, Andrea, and Michonne.

Epic battles!  Sworn enemies!!  Blood vengeance!!!  Penguins and possums!!!! Wait . . . what?!  Yes, you heard that right.  All of this excitement and more can be found in the indie comic book series Penguins vs. Possums, and, if you know what's good for you, you will not want to miss this extraordinarily amazing series as it heads into trade paperback.  Created by Sebastian Kadlecik, John Bring, and Lindsay Calhoon Bring, Penguins vs. Possums has already released four issues of hilarious, nail-biting, penguin-versus-possum action, and the creators are now taking to Kickstarter to bring the four issues (plus loads of bonus content!) into a gorgeous trade paperback.  The Fanboy Comics staff has long enjoyed this series since its epic first issue, and we hope that you will join us in supporting the talented indie creators behind P vs. P in continuing their creative journey.  

Over the past year, Fanboy Comics has been following the indie comic book series Creepy Scarlett with interest, as the adventures of the series' candy-obsessed dead girl who lives in a graveyard and can only leave it during Halloween certainly offer stories that are out of the ordinary.  Now, series creator Graeme Buchan is ready to continue Creepy Scarlett's adventures with Issue #4, but he needs your help to make the latest issue a reality.

Mystery, mysticism, and adventure fill the pages of the new indie comic book, The Shepherd, a 24-page comic book created by Nathan Sage and Ron Joseph.  The Shepherd tells the tale of a shepherd on a distant planet who must make some tough decisions when she finds a wounded ancient beast on her flock's grazing grounds.  While Sage and Joseph have spent the last three months building the vast world of The Shepherd, they now need your help to raise the necessary funds to make this comic book a reality!

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