At Fanboy Comics, we relish the opportunity to share unique, interesting, and promising crowdfunding campaigns with our readers in an effort to provide creators of all mediums with the chance to reach a larger audience.  While many of our previous "Kickstarter Reports" and "Indiegogo Reports" have focused on comic books and gaming, it is always a pleasure to expand outside of that reach.  In this edition of "The Indiegogo Report," I will be focusing on I Will Love You, Always., a short film by Summera Howell that subtly blends fantasy with reality. The film explores love and loss in the 21st century and uses strong visuals to bring the audience into the emotions of the characters. It's a deeply personal film about the choice to move on.  Hoping to bring this personal story to life, Howell launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the necessary funds for the film, and she needs your help to make her dream a reality!

Shadow Cuts is an indie film that is part procedural, part The Sixth Sense, and part superhero story.  The film tells the story of Jennifer, an unemployed woman who can see the echos of past spirits and can solve their murders; however, every time that she uses her power, she is pursued by an unknown evil. In order to make this indie film a reality, the filmmakers launched their own Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary production costs for the film, and they need your help!

In previous editions of Fanboy Comics' Kickstarter Report series, we have featured everything from comic books and graphic novels, to novellas, children's books, RPGs, movies, and theatre.  In the most unique and geektastic Kickstarter Report to date, I am delighted to highlight the amazing work of The Leatherbound Geek.  Run by the creatively geeky couple of Etana and Patrick, The Leatherbound Geek provides customers with high-quality, personalized leather accessories ranging from leather belt buckles and necklaces to keychains with your name translated into Gallifreyan. By custom handcrafting and laser engraving each leather item to your specifications, you can express your geekdom in a stylish and classy way!  In order to make their leather dreams a reality (Wait, that came out wrong.), Etana and Patrick have taken to Kickstarter and need your help!

If you are a regular Fanboy Comics reader, you will have no doubt come across one of FBC Contributor Steven W. Alloway's glowing reviews of the Bullet Gal comic book series.  Written and illustrated by acclaimed Australian author Andrez Bergen (Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat, One Hundred Years of Vicissitude, Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth), Bullet Gal is "a loving homage to hard-boiled noir, detective stories, and pulp fiction produced in the first half of the 20th century."  The series follows the titular character (whom fans will know from Bergen's previous superhero novel, Who Is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?) as she steps out of the shadows and into the . . . noirish shadows of her own adventures.  With six issues of the series already in the works (or having already been released) and met with critical success, Bergen has partnered with Canadian comic book publisher Under Belly to collect the first twelve issues of the series into a trade paperback.  Having recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to garner a printer run of Bullet Gal, Bergen needs your help to make this dream a reality!

Ellen Ripley, Katniss Everdeen, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dana Scully.  These are simply a few of the female characters from film, TV, and literature that have grown to encompass the height of strong, multi-dimensional, and admirable female characters.  For many, it may be challenging to name a dozen other female characters that would ably fall within these ranks, which is why indie comic book writer/creator Alpa Banker decided to create her upcoming graphic novel, Blood Queen Volume One.  With a strong desire to place a butt-kicking women at the helm of her story (that won't wearing a bikini and heels while fighting crime), Banker has joined with illustrator Laura Ferguson to launch an Indiegogo campaign to raise the necessary funds to bring their graphic novel to life!  

With the release of the newest edition of Dungeons & Dragons and the success of Paizo’s Pathfinder roleplaying games, RPGs are becoming quite popular again; however, these games can be very difficult to teach to young children, as they involve quite a bit of math and have whole bookstore sections dedicated to their vast amount of rules. Longtime RPG player Jordan Callarman seeks to change all that with the launch of his new Kickstarter project, Goobles & Goblins, an RPG designed for children and adults to play together. Fanboy Comics Senior Contributor Jason Enright sat down with Callarman to discuss his RPG and the decision to fund his project through Kickstarter.

A few years ago, the Fanboy Comics staff had the pleasure of meeting independent comic book creator Russell Nohelty and speaking with him extensively regarding his work on his original series, Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter.  First published digitally through Viper Comics, Nohelty is making a new path for himself and seeking to distribute a print run of the psychological thriller for new readers to enjoy.  Having recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to garner a printer run of Ichabod Jones, Nohelty needs your help to make this dream a reality!

Independent comic book creators are hard-working folks.  It takes a great deal of energy, determination, and fortitude to create a comic book on your own, which is why - here at Fanboy Comics - we love highlighting the work of these talented individuals!  In this installment of "The Kickstarter Report," I want to call attention to the Kickstarter campaign for Boston Metaphysical Society #5, the fifth issue in a six-issue sci-fi, action/adventure, Steampunk mini-series. Series creator Madeleine Holly-Rosing is hoping to raise $7,500 to cover the art production and printing costs of Issue #5, and she needs your help to make her dream a reality. 

A little over a year ago, Fanboy Comics reviewed a free online comic called My So-Called Secret Identity. The story revolves around Cat, a young woman in a world of superheroes, who’s been blessed—or cursed—with phenomenal intelligence. With no super strength of super speed, she is relegated to the background as the powered people fight an unending war all around her—until Cat decides to take up a costume herself and pit her intellect against some of the most deadly and dangerous forces imaginable—both heroes and villains.

For the past several years, award-winning magicians David Blatter, Leeman Parker, and director Jon Armstrong have performed their David & Leeman magic show for packed audiences at the esteemed Hollywood Fringe Festival.  In this year's festival, the talented performers produced David & Leeman: Magic & Other Dangerous Things, an original and stunning piece of live theater that combined magic and comedy to rave reviews.  Now, Blatter, Parker, and Armstrong are looking to extend their 2014 Hollywood Fringe show to a 99-seat theater in Los Angeles, CA, during the month of July, but they need your help to do it!

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