Peter Bean is a master of exploring how modern technology impacts our lives. His short film, ReCalculating, was a lighthearted exploration of a world wherein we rely on our smartphones for everything—but are too busy looking at those phones to notice the world around them. Now, Peter is working on Relationship Status, a feature-length film that explores our relationship with the Internet and social media—and our relationships ON the Internet and social media.

Through the vast sea of comic book crowdfunding campaigns, it's always a delight to find a project that has that certain hook that makes it stand out from the bunch.  Whether it's phenomenal artwork, a captivating lead character, or a premise that truly captures your attention, those comic book gems are always worth your time and attention - and, hopefully, your donation.  For today's installation of The Kickstarter Report, one such project caught my eye and is bending all conventional rules to gain audiences' attention - literally.  Outliner is a graphic novel about a comic book creator with the power to redraw reality by bending the outlines of his own creation.  This comic-within-a-comic story sees the down-on-his-luck character fall into his own comic book, battling a relentless superhero and his own shortcomings in the process.  In order to make this graphic novel a reality, the creators have turned to Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds for a professional letterer and the printing costs.  

A little over a year ago, I reviewed the first episode of a time travel webseries called Pike and Trident. A few months before that, I had the pleasure of interviewing the women behind the series, Kim Turney and Patty Jean Robinson. Well, now they’re back and hoping to bring us more time travel adventures with their second episode, “Josephine Gets Her Way.”

In the past five years of my reviewing and reporting on comic book properties, one of the most fascinating (and ever-increasing) trends in the indie scene has been pro wrestling comics.  The propensity for creators to mash up these two equally exciting mediums of entertainment never ceases to impress and amuse, even for readers who may be experienced with either wrestling or comics on their own.  While I'll admit that my time watching pro wrestling has been on the lighter side as of late (My last memories of featured The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, and Jake "The Snake.), hearing that a team of pro cartoonists and animators (including creators from Rick & Morty, Adventure Time, Bee & Puppycat, and The Devastator) who love pro wrestling would be making a printed collection of wrestling comics definitely piqued my interest!  Enter Muscle Temple #1: a 60-page, two-color, soft cover comic featuring funny and weird short comics and goofy illustrations about their love and passion . . . PRO WRESTLING!  This bevy of talented creators has assembled to share their passion and creativity with readers, but they need your help by way of Kickstarter to make this colossal collection of creativity a reality.

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would go out for the night with their friends to a "Murder Mystery" party?  Designed as a fun and easy-to-run party idea for adults, these shindigs gave folks an opportunity to get away from the kids for a night, get dressed up as wacky, Clue-like stock character, and pretend to solve a mystery in the course of about 2 hours.  (Who am I kidding? Our parents were just closeted role-players, paving the way for our RPG futures!)  Well, the creators of the independent film, Mystery Weekend Package, have taken this party concept and adapted it into a comedy/horror/mystery screenplay that is sure to delight viewers!  In order to raise the necessary funds for the film's production costs, the creators have launched an Indiegogo campaign, and they hope that you will consider donating to their project.

At Fanboy Comics, many installments within our Kickstarter Report series focus on creators who are beginning to make a name for themselves.  Their talents are truly remarkable, but perhaps they are still hoping to bring their tremendous work to a larger audiences.  On other occasions, The Kickstarter Report highlights crowdfunding campaigns for more widely known creators who are taking on a project that is so monumental that it may require more finances than they have available.  Today's installment focuses on the latter, where a group of all-star creators from the world of designer toys, stop-motion animation, and filmmaking are joining together to make a one-of-a-kind film that will leave viewers devilishly delighted this Halloween season!

Kickstarter is alive and well with a plethora of exciting projects in search of funding, and I am excited to return for a second time this week with another edition of Fanboy Comics' Kickstarter Report!  In this edition, FBC will focus on another comic book creator who has known great success with previous crowdfunding campaigns.  Comic book creator/writer Siike Donnelly (The Adventures of Solestar, Elan Vital) returns, in collaboration with artist Ashley Lanni (27 Club Anthology), with The King of Neverland: A Peter Pan Sequel, and he needs your help to fund the production costs of the Young Adult novel! 

If ever there was an indie comic book creator whose tenacity and gumption were to be admired, it would be Madeleine Holly-Rosing.  The writer and creator of the Steampunk-inspired comic book series, Boston Metaphysical Society, has consistently been hard at work on the comic for the past three years and has successfully run multiple Kickstarter campaigns to fund the printing costs of each issue.  In light of her measured success with crowdfunding, Holly-Rosing even published her own how-to guide for other indie creators to use with their own projects!  Now, the indomitable comic book creator is back with the sixth and final issue of Boston Metaphysical Society, and she has once again turned to Kickstarter fund the sci-fi, action/adventure tale.

Every story is a chance to take readers on a new adventure, to a world of exciting possibilities, pure serenity, or harrowing encounters.  For writer/producer/actress Tara Platt, storytelling has become a way of life, allowing her to create new worlds, characters, and intentions that connect with audiences across all genres and mediums of delivery.  In Zartana, her latest and most expansive story yet, Platt has created an interactive storybook adventure that will undoubtedly appeal to the explorer in all of us.  Zartana is a beautifully illustrated book chronicling a year in the life of a traveling Romani girl of the same name. The story - told in the style of a found journal - is interactive, and the pages are filled with amazing art, much of which can be taken out and appreciated.  Having already collaborated with extremely talented international artists and designers to bring the vision of Zartana to life, Platt recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the printing of the book, and she needs your help to make this project a reality!

In July of 2013, Fanboy Comics brought you the news that indie creator Russell Nohelty (Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter) would premiere a limited edition run of his graphic novel, Katrina Hates the Dead, at San Diego Comic-Con that summer.  The epic, post-apocalyptic humor comic, written by Nohelty and illustrated by Juan Frigeri (Star Wars: Darth Maul), was a big success at the convention, selling out of its limited print run.  Now, the creators are hoping to bring the story to a much larger audience with a vastly larger print run, and they need your help to raise the necessary funds in their Kickstarter campaign to make their dream a reality!

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