Dina Kampmeyer and Dino Andrade have both made it their mission in life to help geeks find love. Dina is the founder of SGLA, a regular meet-up group for single geeks in Los Angeles, while Dino runs the dating website, SoulGeek. Both formidable geek matchmakers in their own right, at Comikaze Expo 2014 the two of them joined forces to create an event that was part advice panel and part singles mixer, geared entirely towards those who are “looking for love in Alderaan places.”

The team at Cracked.com is a very funny bunch. The panel for their show, After Hours, was basically just six of them sitting around and talking with each other and the audience for an hour and a half, and I was doubled over with laughter for most of it.

The first rule of fight class is talk about fight class! Seriously, tell everybody. Bring your friends. Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker are always eager to get new people involved in learning the art of stage and screen combat. The two of them run the Academy of Theatrical Combat in Burbank, CA, where they teach everything from hand-to-hand combat to different ways to fall, to, of course, fighting with swords of all types—all for the stage and screen. And, on Friday afternoon, they brought some of those lessons to Comikaze Expo 2014.

I have a confession to make: I’ve never heard a single episode of The Thrilling Adventure Hour show/podcast. I’ve heard great things about it. Not only do many of my friends recommend it, the concept is right up my alley: a myriad of crazy, wacky adventures, done in the style of old-time radio drama. I keep meaning to look it up and listen to a few episodes, but I never seem to have the time.

“The only rules are the ones we invent.”  - Warren Ellis

This is the quote that greeted us on the big screen as we waited for Image Expo 2014's keynote to start, and I believe it sums up the event well. Image presented itself as rebel comics, breaking the chains of corporate ownership to tell the stories that creators want to tell and to elevate comics to a new level of passionate, personal art.

The Fanboy Comics crew attended San Diego Comic-Con's Geek & Sundry: What's Next with Felicia Day panel on Saturday evening, getting a sneak peek at all of the exciting new shows and upcoming partnerships on Felicia Day's Geek & Sundry network.

The Fanboy Comics crew attended San Diego Comic-Con's 2nd annual Musical Anatomy of a Superhero: Bringing a Comics Book to Life panel, which involved leading Hollywood composers discussing the creation of the musical voice behind the hero, explaining the challenges when bringing a comic book character or story to life, and writing music to reflect the storyline. From the rising score of Marvel Studios' recent comic book films to the impactful and emotional music underlying the episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the recent sci-fi epic Edge of Tomorrow, music often acts as a character in its own right to bring our favorite superhero properties to life on the big and small screens. 

At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, the Fanboy Comics crew attended the panel for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a franchise that has spanned literature, comics, film and television, board games, and widely popular video games. The panel featured actor Doug Cockle (Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher franchise), Dark Horse Comics author Paul Tobin (The Witcher House of Glass), Nick McWhorter, CD Projekt RED's game developers Damien Monnier and Lukasz Wnek (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt), Rafal Jaki, and was moderated by SpikeTV's Geoff Keighley.  Providing a sneak preview of the new Dark Horse publications and the first-ever live consumer demo of the upcoming video game, the panel gave excited attendees the chance to experience the new adventures that lie ahead for the franchise.

At WonderCon 2014, no one in the 'verse could stop the fans' love for all things Joss Whedon.  On the sunny afternoon of the convention's final day, a line of enthusiastic attendees wielding everything from Jayne hats and scythes to black trenchcoats, parasols, and stakes lined the upper floor of the Anaheim Convention Center, extending down the hall, outside the doors, and onto the outside patio, all while awaiting Dark Horse Comics' Whedonversity Panel.  The excitement for not only the impending panel but for their love of the Whedonverse was palpable, and you couldn't help but smile when a duo of fans began playing and singing the theme song to Firefly and a raucous rendition of "The Hero of Canton" (also from Firefly), until the entire line was joined in song and merriment.  (You know that you're in for a great time when, even before a convention panel begins, the entire line of attendees trades the normal practice of pushing their way into the panel room for joyfully walking into the room with a hearty song.)

Greetings, tributes and victors!

Fanboy Comics had the good fortune to be invited (Special thanks to Marsia Powers of Whedonopolis and Mark Sheppard for “greasing the wheels” with President Snow to get us inside!) to a special preview and reception for the official auction of the actual costumes from The Hunger Games film adaptation.

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