Rebecca Lear, 'Garlic, My Soul' Contributor

Rebecca Lear, 'Garlic, My Soul' Contributor

Favorite Male Celebrity:  Henry Cavill
Favorite Comic Book Hero:  Wolverine
Favorite BookThe Hunger Games


A Vampires DominionWhen I first picked up A Vampire’s Dominion by V.M.K. Fewings, I was very intrigued. The back cover sucked me in. It tells the story of two rival vampires, Jadeon and Orpheus, who have hated each other for centuries. One day, they awake with two minds, but only one body. Nobody understands how the two enemies have been joined together into a vampire named William, but everyone is on the hunt for the spell to undo it. It has everything you could want in a novel: vampires, vampire hunters, and a lady love interest for each of the men, forming something well beyond a love triangle. I dove right into this book.


Archie Vol. 5I’m already in love with this comic based solely on the cover. It features Archie Andrews how we know him best: looking totally lovesick! Reggie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead are also pictured below Archie. In this reprint of the 1945 comics, Archie and friends look like the characters of Grease with a splash of I Love Lucy, and even a bit of Mad Men. It feels just like you would think a 1945 comic would, with random sewing patterns mixed between the pages of the story, games and puzzles, and pushes to buy bail bonds. I appreciate that these things were not lost in the modern reprint. It has a vintage vibe that transports you back in time while reading.


Bunny in the MoonNot being a comic reader prior to reading Bunny in the Moon by Tara McPherson, this was certainly a good place for me personally to start. It was pretty art, with no specific story to follow, and a super easy and enjoyable read! It was right up my alley with colorful and feminine art. Bunny in the Moon is a perfect place to start, if you are looking to get into comics.

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