Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor

My fellow Amazons:

Greetings and welcome to another week of Wonder Woman Wednesday!  This week, we have a special treat. We get to chat with Wonder Woman: Amazonia artist Phil Winslade.

An interesting thing happened. When Batman V Superman started releasing toys to promote its film, fans (and Wonder Woman fans) were treated to a new batch of Wonder Woman action figures and dolls. The only problem is . . . they were not the best looking.  That is until talented folks started repainting the figures to some fairly remarkable results.

We had Batman V Superman to varying degrees of success... so why not Wonder Woman V Harley Quinn?

Greetings, Wonder Freaks and Geeks! (I'm so glad I lived to see the day those adages would become self-empowering compliments!) This week saw the release of the highly anticipated Superwoman Rebirth, written and drawn by Wonder Woman alumni, Phil Jimenez. 

Wonder Woman for President is hardly a new concept, as it's been touted about long before gracing the cover of the first issue of Gloria Steinem's feminist magazine, Ms., In 1972. The concept goes back to Wonder Woman #7 in 1943. It's fairly typical for fans to wish their favorite characters or celebrities would become president during an election year. Imagine how thrilled "Bedtime for Bonzo" fans must have been when Reagan took office?

Let me catch my breath. I don't even know where to begin. The new Wonder Woman movie trailer that debuted at San Diego Comic-Con last week is flawless... absolutely flawless!!!

Hello, fellow Amazons. Welcome to another week of Wonder Woman Wednesday. This happens to be the week of San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest comic book convention in the world. In celebration of WW's 75th Anniversary, SDCC will be featuring an exclusive gussied-up Gal Gadot as WW Barbie. They will also be having an exclusive WW figure with her invisible jet. DC will also be hosting props and costumes from the Lynda Carter television series. Sadly, I will not be attending, so make sure you Wonder fans take lots of pictures.

Batman has the Bat Mobile. Wonder Woman has the invisible jet. I always wondered why a character that can fly would even need a flying transport, but who's to question one of the coolest accessories in comics history. The Invisible Robot Plane made its first appearance alongside Wonder Woman in Sensation Comics #1.

At the end of Wonder Woman #1, we are reintroduced to Cheetah, one of Wonder Woman's archenemies, which is arguable simply because people like to argue.

It's hard to believe the amazing Amazon was created 75 years ago by William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter. I thought this week that I would highlight some of the things that make Wonder Woman so awesome in her diamond anniversary.

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