Sean Foster, Fanbase Press Graphic Designer

Sean Foster, Fanbase Press Graphic Designer


DevotedI didn't know what to expect going into Devoted. My experience with independently-made comics is very limited (read: nonexistent), so I thought it would be fun to give one a read. While I was only given the first two chapters of the Devoted graphic novel, what I did read definitely had me interested as to what the rest of the story had in store. The main character, Daniel, is a gifted architect who gets canned from his latest job and every night has been having dreams about the terrible rapes that have been happening to women around the city. I dig the story and can relate to Daniel, as the kind of guy that can't stand to sit back and see others getting hurt.


CW A Test of StrengthAfter two viewings, I'm still not really sure how I feel about this episode, but it's definitely leaning more towards the negative. So, for now, let's focus on the positives of "A Test of Strength," of which there is a major one.

David Tennant. David Tennant. David Tennant!


CW The Gathering slideThis week's episode of The Clone Wars tackles what I can only assume is the equivalent to Christmas Day for a Jedi Youngling: procuring a crystal to use in the construction of your very own lightsaber. A greater day for a Youngling I can not imagine . . .


CW Tipping PointsWell, we've finally reached the conclusion of the Onderon Arc, or as I've dubbed it, "The Robes Arc," and I can honestly say it was a well-executed and worthy finale.


CW The Soft WarWe're back this week with a more action-oriented installment of The Clone Wars and probably my favorite episode so far of the Onderon arc.  I really dug the direction they took with the opening, having the Rebels jump into action against the Separatist Droids patrolling the streets, making themselves known to the town folk. The gigantic holograph was a neat effect, allowing Steela to broadcast herself around various points in the town.


CW A War on Two FrontsA War on Two Fronts

Sorry for the delay here, folks, but sometimes the real life gets in the way of my television viewing. Boo! Now, if I could just get paid for liking Star Wars, I'd be sitting on a gold mine. But, all that aside, lets get into A War on Two Fronts. The previews for this episode had me really excited, because it looked to me like another Landing at Point Rain-style episode. So, while not as action packed as I had hoped for, the slower pace actually worked for me, as I realized this was just the first in a four-part arc.


The SkyI developed a love for art at a very young age, appreciating it on a different level than many of my peers. Do you remember as a kid you would flip through the instruction manual for your NES games like Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda, and they had that FANTASTIC artwork of all the wondrous creatures you would be encountering on your adventure? And then, you pop in the game and each of these beautiful designs is depicted as a tiny, 8-bit red or blue splotch on the screen? Friends would ask me why they'd put so much effort into these drawings if the final product isn't going to resemble it in the slightest? For me, it helped paint the picture in my head of exactly what dangers I was facing. Sure, on screen they didn't look all that special, but those images from the booklet helped paint a picture for my young mind to conjure up heroes, princesses, and assorted baddies I'd meet during my travels.

These are the thoughts that came flooding back to me as I flipped through the pages of The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy, a five-book collection showcasing the elegant and alluring artwork of Yoshitaka Amano through the first ten Final Fantasy games. Having been a Final Fantasy enthusiast since day one, I would latch onto anything FF-related I could get my grubby, little hands on. Freshman year of college I took advantage of the high-speed internet to download the FF games that had only been released in Japan.


CW s5e1And, we're back! The Clone Wars returns to kick off Season 5 with a strong episode focusing on Obi-Wan, Adi Gallia, Hondo, Darth Maul, and Savage Opress' knee . . .


SW Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison 5And, here we are. The thrilling conclusion to "Vader's Trip to the Ghost Prison." I will be keeping this review spoiler free for you all, since giving away even the smallest detail kind of ruins it for you. So, what can I say about the conclusion then, you ask? As a long-time Star Wars fan and as someone who was hooked on this story arc from the first issue, I can honestly say that the conclusion was more than satisfying. In just 26 pages, all of the loose ends are tied up nicely. Of course, "nicely" in no way reflects the actual characters behavior in any way, but you know what I meant. I hope . . .


Doctor Who Dave GibbonsI'll admit that I am not a long-time Whovian. In fact, after putting it off for several years, it wasn't until six months ago that I finally found the time to sit down and see what all the fuss about Doctor Who was about. After only a few episodes into the series, my initial reaction was to hop in my own TARDIS and kick my past self in the butt for not watching it sooner.

Yes, it's THAT good, but, of course, if you're reading this, you're most likely already a Whovian yourself.

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