Paul Pakler, Fanbase Press Contributor

Paul Pakler, Fanbase Press Contributor

The following is an interview with writer/comics creator Bill Campbell (publisher - Rosarium Publishing / writer - Sunshine Patriots) regarding the launch of his Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming graphic novel, The Day the Clan Came to Town. In this interview, Fanbase Press Contributor Paul Pakler chats with Campbell about the graphic novel which is a fictionalized retelling of a KKK riot that occurred in Carnegie, PA, in 1923 and the resistance to it. Campbell reflects on his research for the project, his thoughts on the class struggles and racism present in Carnegie, why this story is so important and impactful today, and more.

Greetings to you, noble internet surfer.  It is your humble correspondent heretofore known as YHC.  YHC has not taken the time out of his busy schedule of watching others polish his ivory tower in order to traipse into a plebian “movieplex,” so YHC would like to take the time to diffuse this seemingly glaring obstacle regarding the ability of his effectively reviewing Boondock Saints II: All Saints’ Day.


Hello, my dozen of fans.  It is I, your jovial misanthrope, Paul Pakler.  I am going to briefly explain why I review movies (without having seen them).

1:  I live in New York City, where ticket prices harbor around $12 a pop.

2:  Most movies are f@#%tarded.

3:  If you still don’t understand, reread Reason Number Two (and replace “Most movies” with “You”).

So, without further (Midsummer Night’s) ado, let’s review some s@#$%y movies!


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