Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor

Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor

Favorite Book:  Cryptonomicon
Favorite MovieYoung Frankenstein
Favorite Absolutely Everything:  Monty Python


XCOM posterMy entire plan fell apart as the sectoid commander hijacked my frontline assault soldier’s mind. Suddenly, one of my soldiers became the most dangerous enemy I faced. I had two bad choices: I could either try to take out my teammate, or let him flank my team as they tried to kill the alien that was controlling his mind. I had my heavy trooper pin the alien in place with a steady barrage from his plasma cannon. A second assault soldier moved to flank the sectoid. Once his flank was exposed, my sniper opened up from halfway across the map. The bond broken, my assault trooper was an ally once again. That is how it worked out this time, but my sniper could have missed, and then my possessed teammate would have had a powerful enemy ready to shoot my soldiers in the back.


LetsPlayGod 01-CvrAThe first issue of a new comic is always fun for me. There is that feeling that the story could go in any number of directions. I love that.

Let’s Play God looks like it is going to be a slasher comic that follows Mel, the guitarist in an all-girl punk band. We are quickly introduced to a creepy stalker, dysfunctional friendships, and a rather shocking murder. I don’t quite know what kind of comic this will ultimately be, but there are some things here that I like.


Adventure Time 9I have repeatedly praised the Adventure Time comics for their weirdness and fun. I have recently gotten the opportunity to read Adventure Time #9, and it is incredible. The weirdness and fun are most definitely here.
This issue begins with Jake the Dog and Finn the Human (Sorry, but the credits are so catchy, I have to say it like that.) appearing in a time machine; however, this is not the regular version, but the dark future version of Jake and Finn. Think Days of Future Past with a sense of humor. Both are older and musclier, and Finn has an awesome robot arm. The plot can be summed up thusly: Finn and Jake are trying to fix the past, but they both kind of stink at time travel.


Adventure Time 4I have said it before and I will say it again. The Adventure Time comics are great. They have been consistently good at striking that delicate balance between being accessible for kids and entertaining for adults. This issue is no different, and might be my favorite one so far.

XCOMHere is an interactive video showing some of the choices available in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.


Dark MatterAfter reading the first volume of Dark Matter, I am not entirely sure what kind of story it is going to be and that is a good thing. There are the obvious comparisons that a lesser writer might make, so let’s start with those. I got a strong Firefly vibe from this book. The characters aren’t immediately identifiable and lovable, like Whedon’s, but the heart is there. There was also a little bit of Alien, in the very specific sense that this crew wakes up and immediately has to try to figure out what they should do. Really, only the first act of Alien makes an appearance here. Now, let’s discuss the book itself.


BW Ozy 3I am getting nervous about the direction that Ozymandias is starting to take. The first issue was the standard origin story, while the second issue detailed Veidt’s first outing as a vigilante. This issue is almost entirely focused on the origins of the second group of Minutemen.

'Blackburn Burrow' Review


Blackburn BurrowAmazon Studios has decided to make a backdoor pilot for a movie, by releasing it as a free comic. The result, here, is Blackburn Burrow. The story is set during the tail end of the American Civil War, as Sherman is preparing his march through Georgia. Our story centers around a former officer of the Union Army named Mister. Yes, this book names its unnamed protagonist Mister.


Mongoliad b2I just put down the second book in the ongoing Mongoliad trilogy, and it is awesome. If you haven’t read my first review, please boost my page views.  Also, there might be some mild spoilers for the first book in this review. This book is the collaboration of a group of sword fighters and authors who have set out to write a historically accurate adventure novel with historically accurate fights.


Lou Scannon 1The huge and obvious selling point in these comics is the humor; however, I was immediately put on notice when I scanned the issues and saw the cover of Issue #2. Apparently, there is nothing more awkward than peeing, while the adjacent urinal is being used by a Slave Leia. For the record, yes, the rest of this issue is as progressive about gender roles as the cover. Now, before I dog the book for its juvenile humor, I have to admit that it knows that it is immature and it owns it. I think that the book really improved when they hit Issue #3 and took off by Issue #4. These issues do a much better job of portraying the characters as more dimensional. I also liked the jokes better. In fact, the fourth issue had a really impressive plot twist and great pacing.

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