Sam Rhodes

Sam Rhodes

Favorite MovieYojimbo
Favorite Game:  The newest version of Halo
Favorite Beverage:  Ballast Point's Big Eye IPA

Peter WellerAt the Paley Center premiere of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2, the Fanboy Comics crew talks with Peter Weller (RoboCop, 24) about his take on The Dark Knight, the difference between action in animation versus live action, and his dream role!






Jay Oliva TDKRp2At the Paley Center premiere of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2, the Fanboy Comics crew talks with director Jay Oliva about what it's like directing an animated feature, the challenges of bringing Frank Miller's classic story to life, and his work with Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan on Man of Steel.







Batman TDKR Part 2At the Paley Center premiere of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2, the Fanboy Comics crew talks with Bruce Timm, producer of a decade's worth of wonderful DC animated features including this adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel. Timm tells us about the process of doing a two-part story, the specific challenges of bringing this classic tale to the screen, and confirms that he will not be working on the next DC animated feature.






Dave PresslerThe creator of the popular Nickelodeon show Robot and Monster, Dave Pressler, talks with Fanboy Comics Creative Director Sam Rhodes about his recent Los Angeles art show, 100 Robots, the process of creating a CG animated show, and learning new skills as he creates his largest robot sculpture ever: Revengebot!!!





Damned MeanderersI haven’t seen (read?) a whole lot of motion comics, but the ones I have encountered struck me as some sort of awkward hybrid between animation and sequential art.  Like some clumsy genetic experiment, motion comics attempted to merge two fully-evolved art forms into a wobbly-legged new one.  And, while elevating a comic with music and motion was an exciting prospect, the results always turned out to be much less than what I imagined.  We ultimately need a motion comic that isn’t simply the worst of both worlds, but one that fully utilizes the strengths inherent in each medium to better tell a story.  The Damned Meanderers by Tom McGrane, while not perfect, does come closer than anything I’ve seen so far. 

'Mr Blank:' Book Review


Mr BlankTo read Justin Robinson’s Mr Blank is like following some self-deprecating, white rabbit into a sprawling, L.A. noir wonderland on a 100-m.p.h., nerd culture-fueled rollick.  Hot on the heels of Robinson’s thrilling zombie noir, Undead on Arrival, which was released just four months before, Mr Blank will keep you guessing until the very end.  


Tank Girl CariocaWicked and wild, Tank Girl - Carioca by co-creators Alan Martin and Mick McMahon (Judge Dredd) holds nothing sacred as it dissects religion, rebellion, the media, and pop culture.  A glorious, new, pre-distressed hardcover from Titan Books, Carioca follows Tank Girl, her kangaroo boyfriend Booga, and her loyal band of misfits as they struggle against institutionalized biases in an attempt to right the wrongs of the world.  


P vs P 2This ain’t no March of the Penguins!  Like some passionate, forbidden collaboration between Walt Disney and Quentin Tarantino, Penguins vs. Possums is an angry stampede of fur and feathers like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  By Sebastian Kadlecik, John Bring, and Lindsay Calhoon, Penguins vs. Possums initially catches your eye with the ridiculously fun concept, hooks you with tongue-in-cheek humor, and then reels you in so completely with its powerful story and character work.  It is undoubtedly one of my favorite comics being made today.  


With the Earth Above UsWith the Earth Above Us, billed as a black and white, retro flashback to an all-ages science fiction adventure, is a moody throwback that plays more like A Space Odyssey than Lost in Space.   The art is simple and stylized, perfect for conveying the solitude of space travel, but struggles occasionally with perspective, bouncing around and undercutting the quiet, tension that pervades this comic.  Several scenes lack a decisive geography, leaving the reader unclear what is happening and to whom. 

Halo 4 CortanaAt Long Beach Comic & Horror Con 2012, Fanboy Comics Creative Director Sam Rhodes chats with actress, writer, and model Mackenzie Mason, who plays Cortana in Halo 4, about her motion capture work, what it was like working on such an important property, and why this iteration of Cortana is deeper than all of the others.






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