As a special feature of The Fanbase Weekly podcast, the Fanbase Feature focuses on and celebrates a specific element of geek culture.

The Arkham Sessions, hosted by Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Brian Ward, is a weekly podcast dedicated to the psychological analysis of pop culture, including Batman: The Animated Series, Steven Universe, the MCU, and Doom Patrol. Nostalgic, humorous, and even a little educational, each episode promises to lend some insight into the heroes, villains, and classic stories of the Dark Knight and more!

The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 165 - Thor

For decades, comics have served as a storytelling medium that tackles hot-button issues across genres and age groups. Now, comics are taking on the age of disinformation, using narratives to examine those that would use misleading info to control others. Panelists Phillip Kennedy Johnson (writer - The Last God, Superman: Worlds of War, Marvel's Alien), Desirée Proctor (co-writer - Nuclear Power), Erica Harrell (co-writer - Nuclear Power), and Dr. Stephen J.C. Andes (author/professor - Louisiana State University) and moderator Barbra Dillon (Editor-in-Chief, Fanbase Press) discuss the current and upcoming comics that are addressing the spread of false information by higher authorities head on.

In light of Marvel's first steps into the Alien franchise, Fanbase Press takes a look at the property’s evolution in the sequential art medium, from the original film's adaptation by Walt Simonson in the pages of Heavy Metal, to the many contributions from Dark Horse Comics, all the way to the current Alien title being released by Marvel Comics. Panelists Phillip Kennedy Johnson (writer - Marvel's Alien, House of El, Superman: Worlds of War), Barbara Randall Kesel (editor, Dark Horse’s Alien 3 adaptation, Aliens: Genocide, Aliens: Hive / writer - Aliens vs. Predator: Booty), and Livio Ramondelli (artist, IDW's Transformers / writer and artist - The Kill Lock) and moderator Bryant Dillon (President, Fanbase Press) will examine why the Alien franchise has thrived so voraciously in comic book shops, conventions, and other comic-centric spaces.

Ripple Effects

Ripple Effects

Ripple Effects explores life as a superhero with an invisible and incurable disease.  It's like The Incredibles meets the dramedy, 50/50.

In a world that is no stranger to superheroes, George Gibson is invulnerable to physical harm but fights every day to stay alive.  Suffering from an acute case of type 1 diabetes, his invincibility is offset by a defective pancreas that must be monitored and treated daily.  This incurable disease makes George's body both his greatest strength and his eternal weakness.  

What sets this series apart is a positive, person-first representation about life with a chronic disease . . . which just so happens to also include superhuman abilities.  But, Ripple Effects isn't just a story about a character with an incurable disease. It’s also a thrilling and relevant superhero tale that touches on the difficulty of finding a work/life balance, the class struggles and economic inequality experienced by many in our nation, and the desire to help others during trying times.

Issues #1-5 of Ripple Effects ill be released digitally through ComiXology and Hoopla starting in the Summer of 2022. The series will also be collected into a printed trade paperback. Pre-orders for the trade paperback made by August 1, 2022, will receive an exclusive print illustrated and signed by series creator Jordan Hart.

Created, written, and colored by: Jordan Hart (Terminarch, Doppelgänger, Emergence)
Illustrated by: Bruno Chiroleu (El Borde, Mara and Samu)
Lettered by: Oceano Ransford (Eisner Award-nominated Rikki, The Sequels, Haphaven)
Flatted by: Shane Kadlecik
Cover Art by: Justin C. Harder (CLAUS)

Genres: Graphic Medicine, Superheroes, Action/Adventure, Slice-of-Life
Audience: 13 and up
Single Issue Price (ComiXology): 99¢
Printed Trade Paperback Price: $19.99

Join Ripple Effects:

In The Fanbase Weekly, the Fanbase Press staff and a host of special guests from across the pop culture spectrum discuss the top geek stories of the week.

Moderated by Bryant Dillon (President, Fanbase Press), this panel features Dave Gibbons (writer - Batman vs. Predator / artist - Watchmen, Give Me Liberty, Superior), Steven Prince (writer - Monster Matador, unemployANT / toy line developer - Puppy in My Pocket, Power Buggz), and Matt Corrigan (co-host - The Launchpad Podcast / practical special effects artist - Frank Miller's 300, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice) will look back at one of the most iconic and well-received crossovers in the comic book medium - Batman vs. Predator - 30 years after its original release. Batman vs. Predator pitted the Dark Knight against the titular extraterrestrial hunter while enlisting some of the best comic book talent of the time, and this panel will examine the comic title's characters, themes, impact, and more!

Paul and Corey Cross the Streams is a bi-monthly podcast in which hosts Paul Pakler and Corey Pepper watch and review streaming content - so you don't have to!

Tread Perilously is a podcast in which hosts Erik Amaya and author Justin Robinson watch the “worst” episodes of popular TV shows, attempting to determine if they would continue to watch the series based on the most off-key moments.

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Tread Perilously continues its special guest Grab Bag month with a return to Automan for its second episode, "Staying Alive While Running a High Flashdance Fever."

As a special feature of The Fanbase Weekly podcast, the Fanbase Feature focuses on and celebrates a specific element of geek culture.

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