Hello there. Most of you know me in some capacity. I’ve been in this business for 20+ years and certainly been involved in a lot of crazy things in that time.  Last year I launched a book called Think Tank with my friend and artist Rahsan Ekedal.  We’re both very passionate about the book. WE LOVE DOING IT!  And, I hope that enthusiasm for what we’re doing carries through to the final read.

I’ve been very straight up with everyone about this book; we’ll keep doing it if it finds a large enough audience to sustain it.  We’ve committed through issue #20 at this point, which is 16 more than I thought we’d get to, but we’d both like to do the book for a long, long time.

Why am I writing this now?  Because this week the second trade paperback of Think Tank is in stores along with the 2nd printing of the first one.  I’m not too proud to ask for your help.

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Known for its extensive catalog of biographical titles, Bluewater Productions returns with its latest comic book, Political Power: Anderson Cooper.  Telling the illustrated story of the political journalist are writer Michael Fitzgerald Troy and artist Jason Moser, with an alternate cover by David T. Cabrera (The Stonewall Riots).  The comic is part of Bluewater's Political Power series, which focuses on the more well known personalities within the political arena.

Kris Jenner MFTAfter the success of 15 Minutes: Honey Boo Boo, artist/writer Michael Fitzgerald Troy is teaming up with Bluewater Productions again for his latest comic book, 15 Minutes: Kris Jenner.  Troy's comic book is a tongue-in-cheek, satirical view of everyone's favorite/least favorite self-proclaimed "Momager" and matriarch of the infamous Kardashian Dynasty. The comic is part of Bluewater's 15 Minutes series, which focuses on reality TV celebrities.

Doctor Who logoIn light of the recent news of Matt Smith's departure from Doctor Who, Whovians have been left wondering who will take over the iconic role. Fanboy Comics' own Jake Thomas and Drew Siragusa set out to film an audition in order to make Drew the Twelfth Doctor. This is that video.

George Lucas HeadshotDear Fanboy Comics Readers:

On behalf of Fanboy Comics, I am both saddened to announce the departure of longtime FBC Creative Director Sam Rhodes and excited to welcome a new Creative Director to the team.  After months of negotiations, joining the staff will be director, writer, and producer George Lucas, who has long been eager to join the Fanboy Comics staff.

The Katniss Chronicles logoDear Fanboy Comics Readers:

As big fans of all things Hunger Games, the FBC staff wanted to inform you about the latest news from The Katniss Chronicles, an unofficial and unauthorized audio drama based on Suzanne Collins' bestselling book series.  After months of preparation, the audio drama will return with the premiere episode of The Katniss Chronicles: Part II on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013.  The 22-episode audio drama will be available for free to listeners on the official website,, as well as through iTunes.

Important to note is that fans in search of the audio drama’s all-new Episodes, Production Journals, and Bonus Material will want to subscribe to the new iTunes Network, The Katniss Chronicles: Part II.

Be sure to check out the below press release from The Katniss Chronicles' creators regarding their upcoming excitement for the series. 

Northern Ireland Comics Festival USEFor geeks of the comic book variety, comic book conventions are the be-all and end-all of events; they are like combining birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, and all of the secular, gift-giving holidays into one.  Comic book conventions combine the chance to meet our favorite creators with the opportunity to find one-of-a-kind issues and memorabilia, all while doing so alongside our geeky brethren and sistren.  We adore comic book conventions and count the days to the next one with joyous fervor.  While the Fanboy Comics crew often brings its readers news on the upcoming conventions in Southern California, we are excited to bring our readers across the pond an update on an UK-based convention!

Honey Boo Boo WWAs a follow-up to the unbridled success of Bluewater Comics' 15 Minutes: Honey Boo Boo, the comic book's artist/writer, Michael Troy, is answering the call of the pint-sized, titular character by immortalizing her as a comic book superhero.  Troy created four exclusive, classic collectible covers for the digital release of 15 Minutes: Honey Boo Boo, all of which were an homage to various superhero covers, including Wonder Woman in Sensation Comics #1 and Supergril in Action Comics #252.  The classic covers featuring Honey Boo Boo are now available for sale digitally for $1.99 each on iTunes, Kindle, Wowio, and My Digital Comics.

Panem Companion District 11WINNER ANNOUNCED BELOW

Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:

Welcome to District 11.

As part of Smart Pop Book’s celebration of the release of their phenomenal new Hunger Games fan guide, we are pleased to announce our participation in The Panem Companion Victory Tour. Representing the agriculture district and the home of Katniss Everdeen’s beloved ally, Rue, Fanboy Comics is the 11th stop along the way, and we’ve got an exciting giveaway, courtesy of Smart Pop Books, to help share in the excitement of The Panem Companion’s release!

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