S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor

Issue #4 of Reborn is action-packed, filled with colorful weapon blasts, monsters in many forms, and the gruesome results when one meets the other, leaving a bloody mess. The key ingredient tying all of this together is Bonnie, the prophesied leader to end all evil from the Dark Lands. This evil place threatens everyone in Adystria, the place good people go to after death. For a quick recap, check out our review of the last chapter.

Previously on Masked – we find our central character, Frank Braffort, recovering from what can best be described as an explosive transformation. Self-creating anomalies have been popping up all throughout the city, and he has some kind of connection to them. Despite finding himself in a cavern at the source of these anomalies, and having a massive surge of power rush through him bursting into the night sky, the reasons linking them together are yet to be identified. If you want to catch up a little more on this series before continuing, please check out reviews for issues one and two.

Postal is a story set in a town unknown in location and filled with criminals attempting to start over without any ties to the rest of civilization. This sanctuary, Eden, does not eliminate the threats of these criminals or their associates still wondering in the real world, as writer Bryan Hill clearly provides a summary of events leading up to this point in the series. These highlights inform the reader that Laura, the leader who nearly killed Isaac Shiffron, former husband and founder of Eden, wants to transfer her duties as Mayor to her son, Mark.

Image Comics presents the sixteenth installment of the science fiction series, Drifter, with a dazzling cover that sparkles with color and death. Artist Nic Klein draws an astronaut with a realistic skull inside of the space helmet. The imagery is intense with these remains at the center; however, the splattered multitude of colors provide an essence of gazing upon millions of stars, and perhaps staring for so long that death comes before reaching the destination. In searching the page, lines intersect one bright star fixated in the center of empty space where an eye would be, perhaps the place this traveler meant to journey to.

Southern Belle is one of the most terrifyingly sadistic and perfectly unstable characters ever constructed. She, along with the other beloved superheroes of Megalopolis, have been twisted into something else entirely after they succumb to some kind of evil after a battle. The resulting perverse psychosis has never been made more apparent than with Belle’s presence throughout these pages. A dominant glare, a determined expression, tattered clothing, scars, and dark shading around her eyes highlighting her insanity showcase an intimidating force leading the way in this hardcover edition of Surviving Megalopolis.

Marc Jackson has created a weird, silly, and humorous take on space exploration. Your imagination can’t prepare you for the shenanigans the main character finds himself in. Not only will you wonder where this story is going, you might wonder how a simple run to the local space market, looking for “blue milk,” could go quite so awry.

First encounters with alien species might seem like an entertaining prospect. There is a romanticized quality from major franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars, yet history proves this is not always the case. In particular, the recent introduction of “Engineers” from the film, Prometheus, proves that discovering new life can be absolutely terrifying.

The Deep is an all-ages adventure that gets it right with the first issue. This currently formatted six-issue series, which can also be seen as an animated series on Netflix, presents a fun glimpse into the ever-wondrous world of the deep blue sea.

Pending death by monstrous creatures while equally trying to survive an endless wasteland with an unrelenting blizzard might not seem like a valid, five-star vacation, or adventure for that matter, but for those familiar with the world of Dungeons & Dragons, it might be a quest for the ages.

Do you love zombies? Whether your answer is yes or no, wouldn’t you agree you would prefer to be chased by the likes of the Night of the Living Dead? Their pace was somewhat of a leisurely jaunt compared to more recent alternatives. It would have to be a better circumstance than trying to outrun one in Zombieland. If you’re still unsure about what kind of undead you’d rather be surrounded by in a zombie apocalypse, then perhaps you should check out the opening sequence to Dawn of the Dead. Have you been convinced that the slower-paced “walking dead” would be the better choice?

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