Christina Brookman, Fanbase Press Contributor

Christina Brookman, Fanbase Press Contributor

It’s hard to believe that Irenicon is Aidan Harte’s debut novel, as it is a beast of a tale for any author to have written by any account. Irenicon is the first in Harte’s Wave Trilogy. It is a world full of detailed, colorful history that is depicted throughout the book, interwoven with elements of Biblical scripture and with both written and spoken Hebrew. Harte does not rely on detailed maps or genealogy charts to guide the reader through the world he creates. Instead, he tells a story and lets it speak for itself. Irenicon is a stunning accomplishment for a novice writer.

Ever looked up at the stars with fear and fascination, asking the universal question "What’s out there?" Have you ever followed that thought with dreams of what it would be like to be in space? When I was a girl, I would spend hours looking at the stars and planets through my father's telescope wondering what was out there. My friends and I would debate life on other planets and went wild over science projects where we got to colonize Mars. Life on other planets is one of mankind’s greatest curiosities and something that immediately drew me to Andy Weir’s novel, The Martian. And yet, The Martian is so much more than a sci-fi novel. It is an everyman odyssey, a book for lovers of sci-fi but also for people who love to root for an underdog, to be a part of something larger than themselves.

Misfortune High is a whirlwind of adventurous, captivating, and silly fun.  It is a lighthearted read filled with the daily woes of epic proportions that only teenagers can create, because everything is epic when one is a teenager. While the comic is aimed at young readers, I believe it is something adults, teens, and even younger readers will find fun and amusing. Misfortune High has magic, romance, battles, comedy, a biscuit, and a dragon . . . really, what’s not to love?

Eclipse is a comic full of heart and promise, paving a path for a whole new genre for the comic industry in which Trevor Talbot and Scott Meier have found their niche. Bullying is, and has been, a hot topic, as is the topic of inclusion or integration of all intellectual, developmental, and physical capabilities in the classroom; however, this is the first comic, to my knowledge, that deals with these issues from the caretaker’s point of view, an often neglected subject. In this case, the caretaker is a child, no less. The concept of this comic book series and its infinite possibilities to reach children, educators, and families dealing with these daily issues warms my heart and gives me special hope as I myself struggle daily with the physical effects of a genetic disorder. There is a place for Eclipse on bookshelves, in schools, hospitals, and on kindles all over the world, and that inspiration is what led 84 people to back the creators’ Kickstarter project and fund the start-up costs of publishing the first two issues of the series with $6,780.

I believe my exact words to my editor when the opportunity came up to review HunterPrey were, “You had me at zombies.” Oh my dear puppy, do I have more words now!  I thought I was just signing on for another fun zombie graphic novel, but HunterPrey is the Odyssey of zombie lore with the humor and tenacity of Orange is the New Black and the intrigue, grit, and suspense of The Unusual Suspects. In all actuality, however, it is truly incomparable, because when you open the pages, you are sucked into a brand new world of horror and humor, a special world all unto itself.

I have to admit that when I heard there was a comic about Adele, I was a little geeked. Not just because I love Adele, but because my mother is OBSESSED! Looking at the cover of Bluewater's new FAME: Adele comic book, I was struck by how much it reminded me of the famous Andy Warhol Marilyn paintings; how fitting. This cover is, of course, more pixillated than Warhol’s, using geometric shaping. It's a highly stylized and very '80s retro, much like my favorite cartoon of the time, Jem (although that information is top secret). If you are a fan of Adele, young or old, this is a comic for your collection - be it your collection of comics, magazines, CDs, DVDs, autographs . . . hair clippings. The idea of creating a series of comic books centered on modern icons is ingenious. The comic's creator, Michael Troy, has certainly aimed high with his comic FAME: Adele.

I Will Follow You into the Dark markets itself as a thriller/horror/suspense, when, actually, it is more of a romantic drama with elements of suspense. The story centers around Misha Barton’s character, Sophia, and her inability to open up to love following the death of her mother and, most recently, her father. It is a tale for the hopeless romantic and, oddly enough, a valid choice for a girls' night out. Just be prepared with tissues, wine, and (if you are anything like me) a punching bag for when the ghosts pop out so your best friend doesn’t accidentally get smacked again. If you were a fan of the Twilight series or any epic love tales, this movie is one for you to check out.


Love is in the air at Fanboy Comics!  In this magical month of romance and enchantment, the FBC Staff and Contributors decided to take a moment to stop and smell the roses.  In the week leading up to Valentine's Day, a few members of the Fanboy Comics crew will be sharing their very personal "Love Letters" with our readers, addressed to the ones that they adore the most. 

Dear Mr. Whedon,

I am not even sure where to begin. Um . . . Well . . . It’s like . . . Well, I feel . . . You see . . . Before you . . . There once was . . . A long time ago . . . Back in the day . . . It goes like this . . . I . . . Uh . . . Guh . . . Eh . . . A . . .


It is the title and cover that initially have the power of persuasion over the customer, literally enticing them to stop them in their tracks and choose whether or not to even pick up and consider a comic. Well, the cover for Tales of the Brothers Three: The Moose Kisser packs one heck of a sale. Right smack on the front, you have a small boy holding on to a moose’s head for dear life, desperately trying to give it the kiss of life, while two other boys (presumably the brothers) pull at his legs by way of his pants. We are left staring at the boy’s bright white undies, covered in red hearts, and the red lipstick stain he has left on the moose's head, which eerily has its tongue hanging out. This is not just a cover; it’s a story/sketch all in and of itself, reminiscent of Calvin and Hobbs meets Dennis the Menace and The Little Rascals. If I were the marketing person, I would be sneaking copies into locals CVSs this week and stashing them with every bag of Hershey Kisses I could find!

Love is in the air at Fanboy Comics! In this magical month of romance and enchantment, the FBC Staff and Contributors decided to take a moment to stop and smell the roses. In the week leading up to Valentine's Day, a few members of the Fanboy Comics crew will be sharing their very personal "Love Letters" with our readers, addressed to the ones that they adore the most.

Dear Superman/Clark/Kal-El,

We have never formally met, but we are fated to be together. Oh, I know you’re probably thinking, "but I’m with Lois Lane, silly girl. Have you never read a comic, watched TV, seen a movie, or opened your eyes? Interacted in modern society?” but do you really want a woman who was, frankly, too dim witted to not know who you were because of a pair of glasses? She is supposed to be a world-class reporter for God’s sake! Now, granted, the new series with Amy Adams is redeeming the character slightly . . . but our story has been written long before in the legends of my mind.

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