Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor

Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor

Y’all read the last review of Apocalypse Al that I wrote, right?  Issue #1?  What with me whining that I can’t afford to collect another comic, and here I am all in love and shizzle?  Well, I just read the 2nd comic of the four-part series, and the story has changed.  So, get ready for a consistent review of me raving about the ridiculously entertaining series.

I just finished my preview of Veil, the comic Greg Rucka (writer who has written everything – if you don’t know him, I refer you to Google – he’s kind of a big deal) with art by Tony Fejzula.  Anyway, this comic got me thinking, and I’ll tell you about what.

Yep.  I had the same reaction.  Someone (IDW) decided to tie X-Files and TMNT in together and see what happens.  Like radishes and lobster, this is a combination you won’t soon forget. (Radishes and lobster is trademarked, btw – I invented it.)

This review is easy: Loki: Ragnarok and Roll is the best comic of 2014 YTD. (It’s only February, I know, but still.)  When I first saw the title, I naturally assumed the folks over at Marvel were cashing in on the latest Thor/Avengers/whatever movie and were making a comic featuring Loki, because he was cute on the screen.  That said, I’ve read Thor since I was 8 and love him.  Even when he doesn’t deserve it and his story gets all childish/dumb.  So, I pre-ordered the comic and volunteered for the review . . .

Y’all familiar with Suicide Risk?  It’s this new(ish) comic by BOOM! Studios written by Mike Carey with art by Joerge Coelho. It’s this whole thing.  Basically, (catch-up time) there is this cop who nearly gets killed by these super nasty super villains, and he realizes that there is no way he can stop them without dying.  At the same time, he is offered (for a chunk of change) that chance to develop super powers, thereby giving him a bit of an edge in his fight.  Like you, me, and the rest of the world, he takes his shot.

Dammit.  I already support a relatively expensive comic book habit that precludes me from doing meaningful and important things like go on trips, buy gas, and eat things other than ramen. Unfortunately for me, I’ve discovered yet another comic that I simply must have.

This is the 1st of two reviews of My Little Pony: Episode #20.  Why two?   Easy. One is my view of this comic from the perspective of a comic book reviewer talking about a children’s comic and giving it an honest assessment of its virtues and areas that might need work.  The other is my sarcastic, direct, and very much adult, spoiler-filled review of the same comic.  I’ve read the comic three times in a row now and feel like I might be ready for this . . . but your guess is as good as mine on how this little experiment is going to play out.  That said, there is an interactive angle to this review, if anyone cares to finish the whole thing.  Let’s see . . .

This review is about Wrath, a pretty cool storyline about a world where the superheros go all crazy blind evil zombie cannibals on the population . . . which is pretty much apocalyptic.  Cool idea, likely a great story, and everyone loves an apocalypse, superheros, and zombies; this appears to have all 3.  Except Wrath, the comic, is secondary in this review.  The real focus here is on the 3D art within this online comic.  It’s pretty weird.

It’s not every day I’m asked to review a completely new comic by one of the big publishers, but, this time, I must have gotten lucky.  Today, we talk about the new storyline, EGOs, written by Stuart Moore and with art by Gus Storms.  It’s a sci-fi flick focused on the far future, and a bad guy (or two) is doing some very bad things.  So, the aging superhero puts a new team together to tackle the villain and save the world . . . except we know it’s never that easy.

There is a new graphic novel out (produced by Capcom of all companies) that is worthy of note.  I’m talking about Lost Planet: First Colony, a sci-fi action/thriller which primarily takes place on an exceptionally hostile and exceptionally cold planet.  Why is this worthy of note?  Aside from Capcom, there are several reasons.  Allow me to explain.

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