Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor

What’s the worst or most unusual thing that can happen to you in Lantern City’s “Underground?” Sander is about to find out.

A fateful meeting in the depths of Lantern City leads Sander to lend his protection to none other than Killian Grey, the city’s supreme leader. A youth who clearly enjoys the rush of being “down below,” he claims to want to see what really goes on down there not believing what his advisors tell him. The pair is instantly set upon by Brother Pont’s men and they flee. Killian knows a safe haven if Sander can get them there—alive.  Fighting every inch of the way, the men eventually become trapped and know death is eminent.  An angry Sander reveals who he really is and the desperate situation his people are facing.  But, before Killian can react to this knowledge, Sander discovers the makings of a Molotov Cocktail in the abandoned building and kills enough of Pont’s men to allow them to escape.  The two men soon split up and Sander knows a reckoning is coming. Will Killian Grey turn him in or will he live to see his family again?

I have a feeling that Abbie, Ichabod, and Jennie could never take a vacation, as everywhere they go either they have an artifact to find or someone or something is after them. In this case, it’s a biker gang from hell—almost literally.

Whoever thinks women are squeamish has clearly never read the dark comedy, Lady Killer, or for that matter ever had a serious conversation with a woman about what it’s like, well, to be a woman.  Standing convention on its head and drilling a very large hole into it, Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich give us a rich and compelling character in Josie Schuller and an engaging look at who women are, as opposed to what culture and society have attempted to train us to be.

Returning to his home to find his wife and child gone and the apartment in chaos, Sander becomes obsessed with finding them. When Kendal’s daughter, Lizel, arrives and almost shoots him thinking he’s a Guard, Sander discovers that they have been taken to a place called “The Underground.”  Run by a radical by the name of Brother Pont, Lizel believes he may have grabbed them as revenge against their family. They come up with a plan to communicate in secret, so as not to jeopardize Sander’s new identity.  When Sander returns to his new home in the Guard quarters, he is sidetracked when Terna is brought in for interrogation as is he. But, Blem is temporarily outranked by Sander’s superior officer and Sander is released.  Soon after, Lizel confirms Sander’s family is in “The Underground” and Sander sets out to find them.  Always told that “The Underground” is a harsh place where people kill each other over scraps of food, what he finds not only surprises him, but shocks him to the core of his being.

The supernatural hunting trio of Abbie, Jennie, and Ichabod are back on the job in this four-issue standalone series from BOOM! Studios. Written by Eric Carrasco and with art by Victor Santos, I think we are in for a treat with this story.

Once again, Skies of Fire creators Ray Chou and Vincenzo Ferriero roared to Kickstarter success with their print campaign of issues two and three.  I can even say that I convinced Ray to run this campaign after meeting him at the Long Bach Expo earlier in the year. I’m glad he took my advice, and I’m pretty sure he is, too.

Barely escaping death in a raid, Sander continues to masquerade as Captain Orlin in order to learn more about the Guards and to save his own life.  As he meets and talks to them, he is surprised to learn they are just as human and vulnerable as those who live in the Depths.  Lantern City has made the Guards a different sort of slave, but slaves nonetheless.  He’s also found an unlikely ally in the wife of the guard Captain he killed. But, the Lantern City Council knows that rebellion may be brewing within the ranks of the Guard and have sent Mr. Belm to root it out. Belm is highly suspicious of Sander and sets him up for a suicide mission.  Sander now has to choose sides in order to survive: Guard or Depth Dweller.

Mr. Postcard, Mr. Oblivious, Ms. Informed, and Mr. Aloha have descended upon the city of Los Angeles in Damn Tourists #3 to continue their unintentional assault upon good taste and polite behavior all in their quest to find movie stars.

Vindicated, Inc., a successful Kickstarter project, answers the question of how one disabled veteran deals with his PTSD. An action series written and drawn by Gerry Kissell with cover art by Mr. Kissell and Drew Moss, this first issue hits the ground running.

If a revolution has any chance of succeeding, then a person must choose between what he wants and what is needed.  Sander, a working-class peon and unwitting revolutionary, faces this decision when he is forced to abandon his family in order to save his life and maintain the ruse that he is a Guard. Driven by forces larger than himself, Sander must now convince his superiors and the other Guards that he is one of their own. Not an easy task for someone with no Guard training or first-hand knowledge of the world that literally exists above his own. But, Sander may have found an ally as he leaps from the proverbial frying pan into the fire by the end of the second issue.

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