Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor

It's time to roll the dice once again as the Critical Role prequel series continues, with our group of rag-tag adventurers finding themselves on the wrong end of the odds once again. In one of their first real teambuilding exercises, Vox Machina enter a fighting tournament, looking to take their status of being poor in coin and rich in bad ideas and at least get half of that formula remedied. To do that, they has to come together and win a few fights as a team, though that's much easier said than done.

Scott Snyder and Charles Soule have returned with their vision of an alternate America with the release of Undiscovered Country: Volume 2. After a trek through the first zone of the United States, a version of the global powerhouse that has walled itself off from the rest of the world (in the most literal of senses), the first people to visit the country have found themselves somewhere unlike any other. Unlike their harrowing adventure within the wastes of the Destiny Zone, where marauders and killers reigned supreme under the leadership of the psychotic Destiny Man, the expedition team now explores the lands of Unity, a technological haven of artificial intelligence and cooperation for the greater good. As the team continues to walk the Spiral (a trek through all thirteen zones) in search of the cure to a deadly virus that is ravaging the world outside the United States, they hope to find their answers within the walls of Unity City.

Vox Machina returns in this third limited series, focusing on the story before the story: the adventures of Critical Role's first adventuring party, Vox Machina, prior to the events that fans were able to see when the show began streaming. There were several years of gameplay from this group of nerdy voice actors prior to becoming the international sensation that they are now, and, thanks to this series along with the prior two, we get to see these adventures unfold.

Another day, another adventure stuck in an RPG hellscape for our merry traveling party. Though split, things in Die are getting more and more complex as the group attempts to find a way to exit the world for the second time. Well, most of them are attempting to find a way out at least. With Ash and Izzy fighting for the fate of Angria, the rest of the party is doing kind of the opposite, looking to end Ash's reign on the throne. It's during this that we find the ultimate motivation for the world of Die: what brought these five adventurers (and Sol, who remained inside) back to this world. This series continues to really push the pace, adding more and more complications to the world, its players, and the NPCs that inhabit the game.

With the final days of this year's virtual HollyShorts Film Festival upon us, it's time to take a look at the top films of the year, as decided by the festival's judges. This is not a comprehensive list of the entire festival, as opinion is subjective, but these were some of the most praised and beloved films of the year. Before I get to the winners category, I want to highlight a few of the films I thought were truly special this year. While many of these films have been mentioned in previous coverage, since it's awards time, I want to give my own awards, too.

There's a lot to love about this year's HollyShorts festival, even in light of its virtual setting. One of the more interesting blocks of this year's festival takes things just a bit further, with multi-genre entries from all over the world. My personal favorites from this block of stunning films will be listed first, with the other entries listed after. All entries were excellent and worth a look.

This year's HollyShorts film festival is massive, with over four hundred entries. In a time when the pandemic is preventing in-person film viewings, the digital festival has something to offer all moviegoers. This year's Thriller block is full of suspense, drama, and plenty of incredible films from all over the globe. As with all of my coverage of the festival, my personal favorites of this block will be listed first, with the others listed bleow. Every film here is worth a look, but my personal favorites really spoke to me in one way or another.

Every year, the technology of filmmaking gets better and better, with visual effects creating incredible landscapes and creatures and exploring all forms of life. As it has progressed, creators have been able to utilize it more and more, perpetuating further developments of the craft. This year's entries for HollyShorts create some stunning work, bringing to life some of the most dazzling creations in modern film. My favorites of the block will be listed first, with the others coming later in this round-up of the Best of VFX.

This year's HollyShorts festival is full of incredible films by many talented creators. While the festival has gone virtual this year, it's an impressive sight to see how many skilled artists brought their work to the world for this year's show. Science fiction is one of the more difficult genres to write for, as the endless possibilities of the future and the fantastical ways things can develop can make it almost too much of a blank slate to capture properly. Thankfully, this year's filmmakers managed to capture the far-fetched, the fantastical, and the emotional in these entries, making this one of the more impressive sets of films at this year's HollyShorts.

This year's HollyShorts film festival has begun, and while this year's festival has gone virtual, there is no shortage of amazing films to watch.  Every creator here has done something amazing, especially as the year has gone on and so many things have happened to complicate this medium. Congratulations to every film that has been spotlighted at this year's festival.

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