Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor

Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor

I got the world on a string...that somebody's setting on fire.

What fools these mortals be.

Magic.  It’s a word that can breed wonder and fear, suspicion and desire.  It’s oft overlooked by those that find themselves at its mercy, and those that practice its arts tend to come to unnatural ends.  This is precisely the kind of world that Leonie O’Moore gives to us in her new comic book, Invoked, where a family at the turn of the century inherits much more than the large mansion from an eccentric aunt. There are already tenants there, and not all of them are there voluntarily.

What do you think I am, crazy?  You’ll shut off the flashlight when I’m halfway across!

Say a flip to the flop, and it all goes pop.

I am not impatient…let me show you right now.

Only thing keeping a body outside is the walls.  Blow those down…everybody’s the same, dig?

Desert’s lonely.  Harsh.  People are worse.

Thinking later, shooty shooty now.

That's not the deal.

After Logan, it's kind of hard not to want to dive into more post-apocalyptic westerns.  Luckily, there are quite a lot of them.  Unfortunately, there's slightly less a number that are good, but Randall P. Fitzgerald has put something together that will engage and excite.  I know that's an odd thing for a Western to do, but the blended style actually works for the novel, Husks, he's put together.  I'm going to be honest: I've a mighty distaste for trilogies of late, but the part of this novel that stands on its own is well worth the time. 

The anomaly, my ship, my crew,  I suppose you're worried about your fish, too.

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