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Brothers is an indie comic about two brothers on opposite ends of the superpower spectrum. One is a hero, while the other is a villain. The beginning of the comic, which takes place in present day, shows one of the brothers in a graveyard. Flashback to years earlier, when hero Mattie is leaving to deal once again with his evil brother. The reader learns that the feud has been happening since they were kids, and that the last time they met, Mattie told his brother he would kill him if they met again.

Cutter #1 (Image Comics) is the first issue in a 4-issue series, with all issues scheduled for release in October, just in time for Halloween. It revisits an old concept with enough spooky fun to make it feel new all over again.

An ordinary Australian man, Niko, finds himself thrust into the middle of a mystery with a secret government organization after him. He doesn’t know what they want, but he’s surrounded by those that might be able to help. With this scene set in Hazard Part 1: The Call, Niko has quite the journey ahead of him.


Not all superheroes can be of Superman or Batman quality. They make it seem so easy to be a superhero, but it’s really much harder than it seems. Sometimes, there will be superheroes a bit goofier and not so graceful, even more so than Peter Parker is in his daily life.

That’s the underlying premise of Goof #1-4 from New World Comics. A very goofy average Joe (Nick) is approached by aliens (the Jun) and given superpowers to save the world from an onslaught of alien invasions. A contract is signed with the U.N., he’s given a costume and a name (Captain Gorgeous), and set off on his own to protect mankind.

1968 was a great year for zombies, as zombie fanatics have learned with every series installment in Image Comics’ run of ’68 comics. ’68: Homefront #1 is no exception and only continues to raise the bar on great zombie fare.

Anyone who’s felt they live a dead-end life wishes for some excitement. Leanne, the heroine in Stuck (Broken Icon Comics), gets to experience that excitement and then some.

The title of a comic book typically gives away what the reader should expect. The Horror Show (Broken Icon Comics) delivers on the promise of the title in that there is horror. Lots and lots of horror.

In the world of horror stories, sometimes it’s nice to return to the originals, the classic frights, to remind oneself just how frightening they really are. Blessings from the Condemned: A Horror Legacy aids the true horror fanatic in the quest of fear.

I absolutely love video games; the gorier and scarier, the better. It was no wonder, then, that my first thought when reading Seed of Evil by Robert Friedrich was, “It’s Dead Space!” From the beginnings of the plot to the description of the creatures, the similarities to Dead Space are striking, yet Seed of Evil manages to remain its own story.

Skriker #0: A Boy and His Beast comes from the brilliant mind of Dani Smith (creator, writer, and artist). Released on May 7, this comic is a prequel to her novel, Black Dog and Rebel Rose. It gives the reader a proper introduction to Skriker, a half-demon with a demon father and human, stripper mother. Skriker, with his skin covered in tattoos and a green, double-spade pointed tail, was raised to fight on the side of good, even if it means battling it out with other demons.

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