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Plants vs. Zombies is one of my guilty pleasures. The Art of Plants vs. Zombies is like an art concept book dream come true. There are lots of gems throughout the book, including fun zombie and plant concepts that never came to fruition. There are also rejected titles - my favorite of which is Bloom & Doom - rejected cover art, and 88 pages of gorgeous artwork that any fan will truly appreciate.

If there was one comic I was looking forward to this month, it was ’68 Rule of War #2: A Man of Wealth and Taste. The second issue in this four-part series from Image Comics picks up right where #1 left off and continues in the positive direction of the fantastically frightening storyline with incredible art that steals the show.

Take 3 parts Romero-style zombies, 2 parts Frankenstein, 1 part MacGyver science fair project, and about 20 parts sheer messed-up creepiness, and you get ’68: Rule of War #1 from Image Comics.

A playful grin, sharp teeth, and a bloody knife. That can't be good. Surrounded by flames, dead bodies, and a city in ruins, the girl on the front cover is the first introduction to Gateway #2 . . . and she's ready to play.

SPOILERS BELOW (for Issue #1)

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