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When I heard the worlds of my two all-time favorite franchises of Ghostbusters and The X-Files would be colliding in IDW’s X-Files Conspiracy comic book series, I broke into an unintelligible jig that was akin to the eclectic dance stylings of Elaine from Seinfeld.  After reading the content of the book, many will be happy to hear they won’t have to witness that dance for a very, very long time.

While happy with the attempt, but disappointed with the results, I took a much lower expectation into my review of part four of the series, which included my favorite toy franchise to grace the planet, the Transformers.  The good news is that either my lower expectations helped, or this book was better in certain respects than the Ghostbusters crossover that preceded it.  Although, before you get too excited, you will want to read on.

Love is in the air at Fanboy Comics!  In this magical month of romance and enchantment, the FBC Staff and Contributors decided to take a moment to stop and smell the roses.  In the week leading up to Valentine's Day, a few members of the Fanboy Comics crew will be sharing their very personal "Love Letters" with our readers, addressed to the ones that they adore the most. 

To my dearest (and only) favorite film about paranormal exterminators,

It’s not often a young boy meets the love of his life at age 6 and then nurtures and strengthens that passionate relationship for 30 years and counting.  It’s even harder to understand how that bond took hold, seeing as that you, my love, also managed to scare the Velcro off my Stride Rites upon first laying eyes on you.  Nevertheless, you, Ghostbusters, did just that.

I’m never one to mince words, so it’s saying quite a bit that I’m not looking forward to the new Robocop reboot . . . at all.  In fact, I think I may just schedule myself for a root canal in place of seeing Hollywood’s latest incarnation of a classic film getting the makeover treatment.  Note: this is coming from someone that places the original in his top five favorite movies ever and is also in perfect dental health.  Apparently, studio execs didn’t learn their lesson by bastardizing and sterilizing another Verhoeven classic, Total Recall, as they are now putting Alex Murphy through the shiny remake-ringer, as well.

Seeing as Ghostbusters is my favorite theatrical film of all time and that I love The X-Files more than any other television series to hit the boob tube, you can imagine my reaction when I heard IDW would be creating a crossover blending the worlds of my two most beloved properties to ever grace pop culture.  Let’s just say, there may have been an incident that included a victory dance, a vat of honey, a car battery, motor oil, cranberry juice, a banana, streaking across a major interstate on-ramp, and a call to local law enforcement.

Before anyone gets too excited, the release of IDW’s X-Files: Season 10 #1 – Director’s Cut is NOT an in-depth look at the web browser history of special agent Fox Mulder’s FBI-issued laptop . . . unfortunately.

Instead, IDW has provided X-philes and all yet to become X-fans alike with a re-release of Issue #1 from their wildly popular, new X-Files: Season 10 serialized comic book series.  For the devout fans who have read through the first print of this issue already, there are no new surprises with regard to content of the storyline itself.

Is there anyone else out there that thinks the title for IDW’s latest spin-offer series, The X-Files: Conspiracy, is a tad redundant?  I mean, doesn’t the whole concept of the franchise revolve around conspiracy theories, or am I making a big deal out of nothing?

If you guessed the later, you’d probably be correct, but these are the things I think about in my spare time, and as you can probably tell by now, I have way too much of it.  Regardless of the repetitive nature of the title, I was still enthusiastically excited (two can play at that game) upon hearing about IDW’s plan to crossover their new property of the X-Files with all things I loved – and continue to obsess about – from my childhood.

Prior to diving, keyboard first, into my review of IDW’s X-Files: Season 10 #8, my original game plan was to confess my undying infatuation with an FBI special agent by the name of Dana Scully.  After much internal debate, I felt this wouldn’t be appropriate, seeing as my actual obsession is with Gillian Anderson herself, and I wouldn’t want to start this review off with any misleading statements.

Before ripping my human claws (I forgot to trim my nails this month.) into Transformers: Monstrosity #6, I feel it necessary to share some important information.  I love me some Dinotbots, or as they are apparently referred to pre-Earth, Dynobots.

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