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Madeleine Holly-Rosing is the writer/creator of the Steampunk webcomic Boston Metaphysical Society and its companion novellas. Please visit the website to learn more.  

IDW brings us what one might call a “remastered” version of the 1995 comic which spawned an animated TV show of the same name on MTV.  It makes me kind of glad that I never read the earlier version, so I can read this and not be constantly doing a compare and contrast in my head. (I fear I’d end up with mental whip lash.)

One of the best things about going to a con is meeting many of the artists and writers who I have met through social media. When time and budget allows, I like to pay them the professional courtesy of buying their comic and actually reading it. Thus was the case of Stephan Franck.
After chatting on Facebook, we finally met at APE, but I wasn’t able to pick up his comic until Comikaze Expo. I also got a little of the inside scoop on the comic from his wife, but we’ll get to that. I was thrilled to see when I got back to my table that he had drawn my profile on the inside of the front cover. (That falls under the category of good marketing.)

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