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I’ve been an X-Phile since the show’s inception. I loved Mulder’s character and his never-ending quest to learn the truth. I loved Scully’s pragmatism, always trying to find a logical conclusion to things. It was a great character dynamic. I was sad to see the show go. I was more excited to find out it was coming back. Series creator Chris Carter worked up the story with writer Joe Harris (Great Pacific). Like Buffy and other shows before, The X-Files is finding new life in comics, thanks to publisher IDW. I haven’t been this excited to read something in quite a while. X-Files: Season 10 is now on its third issue, and man-oh-man is it getting good.

If you’ve not heard of the BBC TV series Luther, do yourself a favor and Netflix the first two seasons and force your friends with satellite cable into having a Luther viewing party at their place for the third season, premiering September 3rd. If they don’t agree, they’re not really your friends, and you should look for new ones. Remember kids: friends don’t let friends miss Luther.

Psych is like a fresh pineapple on a hot, summer day. Cool, sweet, and refreshing. (I'm sure Shawn would say that a pineapple a day keeps the doctor away.) The show centers around Shawn Spencer (James Roday), a "psychic" consultant with the Santa Barbara Police Department and his best friend and reluctant partner Burton 'Gus' Guster (Dulé Hill) or Gee Buttersnaps, Squirts Macintosh, Ovaltine Jenkins, or whatever odd/hilarious name Shawn makes up for him. With Shawn's photographic memory, detective instincts, heightened observational skills, and charming personality, he's able to convince people that he's able to solve cases with psychic ability. "Oh, so it's The Mentalist?" C'mon, son! The Mentalist came out two years after Psych. Plus, Simon Baker wishes he had Shawn's exquisite hair.

Is evil just something you are, or something you do?

That’s the question asked by Bedlam creators Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo. Let me warn you right off the bat that Bedlam, published by Image Comics, is not a series for everyone. It’s uber-violent, bloody, and features plenty of villains that will make your skin crawl. Bedlam is, by far, one of the sickest, most twisted stories I’ve had the pleasure of reading. An interesting look into what exactly “evil” is. Any person who considers themselves a fan of horror and thrillers should definitely pick this up. Writer Nick Spencer does a fantastic job of weaving together an intricate story filled with plenty of gut-wrenching moments throughout. If the story doesn’t creep you out, the artwork in this issue by Ryan Browne most certainly will, which is a compliment for the record. Bedlam is one of my favorite-looking titles out there. It’s unique, jarring, and makes you feel more immersed in the world. 

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