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Dark Horse is rapidly becoming my new favorite published, and they get another notch on the belt with Captain Midnight.  The plot involves such classic elements as World War 2, secret Nazi plans, time travel, and a super hero. The story begins with Jim Albright, a genius American inventor, who gets annoyed that he is deemed too important to risk fighting in World War 2, so, instead, he invents Captain Midnight, a superhero who shows up in various battles and missions and often proves to be pivotal to their success. His identity isn’t entirely a secret, though, because he has two sidekicks that fight with him, Joyce Ryan and Chuck (who probably has a last name but we aren’t given it).  Things were great until, in 1944 while flying over the Bermuda Triangle, his plane disappears and one day reappears . . . in the present.


BPRD Hell on Earth 108The Wasteland storyline is a three-part series that continues the Hell on Earth series. Needless to say, Issue #2 immediately follows Issue #1, but it is not without some backstory that basically informs us that Liz Sherman travelled to the mysterious underground city of Argatha (located in Antarctica) and, in an attempt to eliminate the Black Flame, ignited a massive fire that destroyed the city, but also created a major rift in the earth and ever since then, well, all sorts of nasties have been crawling out for the B.P.R.D to deal with.


The Fabulous Killjoys 1Just the title alone was enough to make me interested in this new series by Dark Horse, and I am impressed with just the first issue. Enter a futuristic desert wasteland filled with rebels, stragglers, and a mysterious DJ all fighting against the evil corporate forces of the Better Living Industries (BLI), whose face-like logo has to be a shot at Walmart. BLI is headquartered in nearby Battery City, a neo-Babylon filled with decadence and decay that is slightly reminiscent of Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan. How decadent? Try android sex workers trolling the streets for anyone who is feeling a little lonely. Oh, and they can get addicted to a power source known as Plus.


Next Testament 1When somebody emails you and asks if you would like to read a sneak preview of Clive Barker's new comic book, you pretty much have a moral obligation to say yes; I mean he is Clive Barker. So, when my Managing Editor emailed that she had it available, I responded as fast as I could. It wasn’t long before I found myself reading Issue #1 of Next Testament from Barker, his writing partner Mike Miller (not to be confused with Mike Millar of Kick-Ass and The Ultimates fame, among other things), and BOOM! Studios.  

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