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The ChangeThe Change, the sequel to The Longest Road, takes up a few months after the last book. The remaining cousins and their small party of survivors have found a peaceful existence on a little beachfront encampment in Washington state. It isn’t long, of course, before our heroes find themselves in more danger. And fighting more zombies.


The Longest RoadThe Longest Road, a zombie novel by A.S. Thompson, is a simple, fun read. The story follows five brothers and cousins as they make their way to the safety of California in a state-of-the-art RV after the zombie outbreak claims the rest of their family. The five have been hunting since they were kids, have varying skill at marksmanship, and one of them has military experience, which is how Thompson makes their survival believable.


Super ZeroesThe best word to describe Super Zeroes is quirky. But, in a good way, not a douchetastic, trying-too-hard way.

The story is about three guys who own and maintain a porta potty business - or, as they put it, “moving movements” - who gain superpowers from a small meteor after it hits their house. Ya know, as you do.



Attack of the Zombisaurus RexFrom the title and the cover, I was expecting a fun ride from Attack of the Zombiesaurus Rex, and I wasn’t disappointed.


Scourge of the Velociraptor VampiresScourge of the Vampire Velociraptors, the second installment of a series of paranormal dinosaur adventures, was just as delightful and fun as the first book, Attack of the Zombiesaurus Rex.

This time around, David and his friends get help from a police officer and a quirky scientist to corral a pack (a herd? a flock?) of vampire velociraptors before they start feeding on the town.

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