Max W. Beaulieu, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor

Max W. Beaulieu, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor


Lone Star SoulLone Star Soul: Invitation is one of those books that sits on the fringes of your perception, yet never wades into the realm of perfect sense. You read it, you read it again, and you retrace your steps, not out of frustration but curiosity. It is liquid and impossible to pin down. Space age, messy, filled with music and poetry, Lone Star Soul is out there, and that's exactly where I want it to be.


The Zaucer of Zilk completePsychedelic, poetic, and evoking Alice in Wonderland, The Zaucer of Zilk is not for the faint of heart, and trust me, you will need a dictionary. But, if you can stand the rush of color, poetry, and funk, then you are in for one hell of a ride.


Savage Skullkickers 1I adore Savage Skullkickers. Love it. It isn’t perfect, but it’s everything I want in a comic book. It’s got a sharp comedic wit, characters who seem to follow their own idiotic personalities to their unfortunate end, and plenty of action to drag the plot along kicking and screaming.

So, read it already.



Judge Dredd 1Judge Dredd Year One is not a typical year one comic; Dredd doesn't suck at his job. This might seem like a silly thing to mention, and longtime Dredd readers will simply shrug and say, “Of course, he doesn’t; he was designed to be good at his job. Do you even Wikipedia, bro?”

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