Max W. Beaulieu, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor

Max W. Beaulieu, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor

Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus #1 is every bit as pulpy noir as it is Lovecraftian. It is the rare balance of where the crime noir shore meets the ocean of lost myths and stories.

It is this humble (yet amazingly well spoken and good looking) writer's opinion that Lobster Johnson is one of the best of the many spin offs in the Hellboy universe.


Saga V2The comic book Saga is one of the best books I have read in years. I say that with no levity; it is an incredible menagerie of writing and art, and I personally feel that if the comic continues the way it has been going, it stands a good chance of being the next The Walking Dead.

Hellboy Library Ed V6Mike Mignola and the various talent powerhouses that create Hellboy do not need my vindication.

The work in this book has been reviewed and re-reviewed, so I am not really going to focus on the book's content but, instead, its form.


Hero Happy Hour V 1First off, I want to say I liked Hero Happy Hour. The concept is unequivocally cool, especially for a big superhero geek like me, who has lived out this fantasy in my head quite a few times. The basic setup is that there is a bar and superheroes like to go there to get plastered after work, and life ensues. What better way to show that superheroes are people than to show their debilitating struggles with addiction, erm . . . I mean, love of booze.


Graveyard of Empires TPBThe Good

Graveyard of Empires begins as a powerful narrative about a group of soldiers who are struggling with the ongoing war in Afghanistan. As they struggle to win the hearts and minds of the people of Afghanistan, to deal with insurgent attacks, and to protect themselves, the book gracefully, and rather tactfully, documents the personal struggles of these soldiers to rectify what exactly they are doing in a country that does not want them.



Ten Grand 1Reading Ten Grand #1 was like putting on an old hat, but finding it just didn’t fit as well. It is still a fine hat, but it just doesn't sit right on your head anymore.


The Creep HCThe (Short) Intro

The Creep is a harrowing story of a detective struggling to find himself, solve a mystery, and avoid his ex-lover. I felt as transfixed reading it as a Sherlock Holmes short story.


Miniature Jesus 1When I received the list of Image titles to review, I picked Miniature Jesus based solely on the title. I mean how can you not review a book called Miniature Jesus. I figured only a book worth its salt could get away with calling itself that. I was right.


House of Gold and Bones 1You wake up in a strange place, no idea how you got there, and you know almost instantly you are being chased by . . . something. You run towards a structure, a little boxy house . . .

What House of Gold & Bones presents to me is the feeling of a dream world that is vast and sweeping, unhindered by reason, and pushed forward into the sublime.


Locke  Key Omega 4I would call Locke and Key Omega #4 a work in transition. Like being a middle child, being one of the middle books in a story arch is a difficult thing to be. You don’t have all the interesting personality hooks and cool nuances of the first book, and you lack the wow factor of the last book.

Do these things make #4 a bad book or the whole series bad? No, it just makes analyzing it a little different.

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