Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor

Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor

Favorite Comic Book SeriesAtomic Robo
Favorite D&D Class:  Wizard
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Cookies N' Cream


Borderlands 2Funny, action-packed, and silly as hell, Borderlands: Origins captures the spirit of the video game in comic form to tell the origin stories for the four main characters from the original Borderlands, leading up to the moment when they boarded Marcus' bus. Issue #1 told Roland's story, and in Issue #2, we move on to Lilith.

SW Dawn of the Jedi TPBAt the heart of the Star Wars universe are the Jedi and the Force. What geek hasn't dreamed of levitating giant rocks or wielding a lightsaber against the forces of evil? But, where did the Jedi come from? Who was the first person to discover they could wield the Force? Who first realized wielding a sword made out of pure energy would be totally sweet? These questions and more are what originally drew me to Dawn of the Jedi, a new series I hoped would take us through those initial discoveries.



The Grand Duke HC CoverThe pitch for The Grand Duke is a Romeo and Juliet story set during the Russian front in World War II. This idea may conjure up images of a secret romance happening between enemy lines, but that's not really what The Grand Duke delivers, instead offering a more realistic and gritty look at the aerial battles of World War II and the German/Russian conflict, while telling the story of an officer of each side who doesn't see eye-to-eye with the politics of their respective nation.


Star Trek Federation Box CoverStar Trek Federation: The First 150 Years is set up as a history book commissioned by the Federation, which covers the time period behind when Zefram Cochrane first invented warp drive and made contact with the Vulcans to the death of Captain James T. Kirk. A lot of familiar ground is covered in this book, including Star Trek: Enterprise, the original series (TOS), and the TOS movies, but the author thankfully doesn't give an exhaustive breakdown of every episode. Instead, the book takes episode highlights and uses them to make poignant connections between the different series, including the Star Trek series that came after. These connections were one of the highlights for me, as the author goes in and manages to smooth out a lot of the discrepancies that take place over the entire history of Trek, doing so in a manner that as Spock would say, “ . . . is only logical.”


Star Bright and the Looking GlassStar Bright and the Looking Glass is a fairy tale, plain and simple. The story centers around Star Bright, a girl of the forest, and her friends, Toad, Owl, and Capybara. When an evil sorceress steals Star Bright's beauty, Star Bright, with the help of her friends, goes on a quest to restore it.


Planetoid 4After all the joys and little victories found in Issue #3, I thought things were looking up for Silas and the Settlement, but Issue #4 goes to some seriously dark places, delving deeper into the dangers of the planetoid and the darkness inside the Settlement's would-be savior, Silas.


SW Dawn of the Jedi POBFollowing up on the first Dawn of the Jedi series, Prisoner of Bogan continues the story of Xesh, the Rakata Force Hound who came across the home planet of the Je'daii, a group of Force users who strive to achieve a balance between the light side and the dark side, and sought to bring the full might of the Rakatans' Infinite Empire upon them. But, things didn't go as planned, and Xesh crash-landed on the Je'daii home world and ran across three Je'daii students. Through their actions, Xesh changed his mind about destroying them and wound up saving them from the planet's dangers instead. Although Xesh helped to save the students, the Je'daii Council exiled him to the moon of Bogan, the prison for those who are out of balance with the Force and lean toward the dark side.


A Fractured MindDemonic possession. The idea of losing control of your body and being trapped inside, forced to watch the horrors the entity that's taken over inflicts on those around you. Even if the possession is discovered, it's a long, difficult fight to exorcise the creature, and even more difficult to keep the host alive, never mind sane, by the time all is said and done.

AOS V1 coverThe following is an interview with Lara Fuentes and Patricio Clarey, the co-creators of the fantasy graphic novel series Archeologists of Shadows.  In this interview, Fanboy Comics Senior Contributor Kristine Chester chats with Fuentes and Clarey about their collaborative process for creating AOS, how their influences and inspirations were reflected within the series, and when readers can anticipate the next volume to be released.

This interview was conducted on November 6, 2012.


Assasins Creed 3Beginning in 2007, the Assassin's Creed series has spent a lot of time building up to this much-anticipated sequel. Assassins' Creed III (AC3) wraps up the modern-day story of Desmond Miles and introduces a new ancestor, Connor, a man of mixed Native-American and English heritage, who struggles to preserve his tribe while fighting in the Revolutionary War to free the Colonies from British rule.

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