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‘Team Genesis #2:’ Comic Book Review

“Dr. Grant was a visiting professor, and he approached me and says some stuff about being destined for greater things.  He says that the world is going to need people like me.   I thought it was flattering.  Thought he was trying to come on to me, really.”
“That doesn’t explain why you dropped out.”
“Someone had to meet Aaron at the airport.”

Baltimore, MD – Present Day.  After answering a summons from the mysterious Dr. Grant, Gerald Petworth and Kari James find their assignment to retrieve an asset under DHS guard co-opted by another pair of powered beings . . . sent by the same man who sent them.

Following the crash-bang action in Issue #1, writer Lincoln Farquharson and Farcorners Studios deliver a decidedly expository Issue #2, with more answers than action.  But, while detail heavy, the answers he parcels out to us and his reluctant team only serve to raise more questions.

Gerald and Keri, along with Aaron, Alexander, and the target Grayson Brooks, now find themselves the core of a team of Gehms, or Genetically Enhanced HuMans, rescued and hidden by Grant to avoid their recruitment or extermination by the shadowy staff of the Department of Homeland Security’s mysterious Delta Program, a group of Gehms made to carry out covert operations for the government.  But, after their abduction to a secret base in the middle of the country, you have to wonder just how safe they are now.

While the story occasionally gets bogged down with exposition, Jun Joe Morales' layouts combined with artist Art Gutierrez’s painterly, CGI-style lines and colors give the issue the energy necessary tomove us forward.  Especially interesting to see is the frenetic, almost wordless epilogue set in Bristol, England, that serves to raise the stakes dramatically in a matter of mere frames.

Verdict:   FOUR Genetically Engineered Enhancements out of FIVE

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