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Faults starts out as a broad comedy, then gradually transitions into a tense thriller, before finally ending up as . . . something else. It’s hard to say what. Regardless, though, the film manages to be entertaining and compelling throughout.

The official plot synopsis of Self Made heralds it as an Israeli body-switching comedy. I suppose this is technically accurate, but it’s also a bit misleading. It’s more like Trading Places or The Prince and the Pauper than, say, Freaky Friday, and even that’s not the most accurate description. This is a very quiet, subdued movie and different from anything I’ve ever seen.

Dina Kampmeyer and Dino Andrade have both made it their mission in life to help geeks find love. Dina is the founder of SGLA, a regular meet-up group for single geeks in Los Angeles, while Dino runs the dating website, SoulGeek. Both formidable geek matchmakers in their own right, at Comikaze Expo 2014 the two of them joined forces to create an event that was part advice panel and part singles mixer, geared entirely towards those who are “looking for love in Alderaan places.”

There have been plenty of movies that blur the line between reality and dreams. There have been a fair few movies that blur the line between reality and film. Reality is one of the only movies I’ve seen, though, that blurs the line between all three.

The team at is a very funny bunch. The panel for their show, After Hours, was basically just six of them sitting around and talking with each other and the audience for an hour and a half, and I was doubled over with laughter for most of it.

The first rule of fight class is talk about fight class! Seriously, tell everybody. Bring your friends. Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker are always eager to get new people involved in learning the art of stage and screen combat. The two of them run the Academy of Theatrical Combat in Burbank, CA, where they teach everything from hand-to-hand combat to different ways to fall, to, of course, fighting with swords of all types—all for the stage and screen. And, on Friday afternoon, they brought some of those lessons to Comikaze Expo 2014.

I have a confession to make: I’ve never heard a single episode of The Thrilling Adventure Hour show/podcast. I’ve heard great things about it. Not only do many of my friends recommend it, the concept is right up my alley: a myriad of crazy, wacky adventures, done in the style of old-time radio drama. I keep meaning to look it up and listen to a few episodes, but I never seem to have the time.

Velvet is back! After spending the previous issue focusing on the agents on our heroine’s trail, the rogue spy is once again front and center—and she’s gone on the offensive. Having returned to London, Velvet is going to great lengths to get inside the agency she’s been falsely accused of betraying. She kidnaps her former boss and straps a bomb to his body, just to create a distraction big enough for her to get past security. The director of the agency warns her that any and all sensitive information will be immediately locked down in such an emergency, impossible to access, but Velvet is undeterred. She obviously has a plan. What that plan actually is, we can only guess.

The adventures of Adam, magician extraordinaire turned reluctant secret agent, continue. In this issue, we see him try to match wits with Evy, the beautiful and brilliant head of an enemy organization, intent on . . . well, I guess we’ll find that out next issue.

This issue of Bullet Gal takes a break from the regular story about Mitzi and her training to become a superhero. Instead, we get a closer look at Brigit, the beautiful and deadly French assassin who’s trying to eliminate Mitzi/Bullet Gal for the mob.

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