‘Future Proof #10:’ Comic Book Review

The first thing you’ll notice about this issue is that it has Edgar Allen Poe on the cover. If you’ve been reading Future Proof up to this point, this might give you pause for a moment. After all, the previous issue, which ended on a cliffhanger, had our heroes in the Nixon administration, helping to fake the moon landing.

Then, you’ll remember that that adventure was, in fact, a flashback, while James and Simon babysit a drunken Poe. This issue, after concluding the flashback, brings us back to Poe . . . only it seems that while our heroes were drunkenly flashbacking, the poet has escaped. Now, they need to track him down, through some eerie and foreboding catacombs, in order to complete their mission.

Between the 1970s, the 1840s, and another brief foray into the future, this issue covers a lot of ground. It’s not quite as plot-heavy as the previous issue, but there are some cool historical Easter Eggs, if you care to look for them.

Though this issue has all the same time periods as they previous one, its tone is very different. Whereas Issue #9 focused more on the mind-bending time travel aspect, #10 is a bit darker. Both are fun and worthwhile in their own ways, though, and the shifts in tone between one issue and the next help to keep you on your toes. You never know what to expect from Future Proof. Whatever it is, though, you can bet that it’s something strange and unique and definitely worth reading.

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