‘Papercuts and Inkstains #1:’ Comic Book Review

As far as British sci-fi/horror comedies go, the minds behind Papercuts and Inkstains are no Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, but they certainly have their moments. The first issue of this anthology comic isn’t perfect, but it’s just quirky enough to be interesting.

The first story in this issue is about time travel. It was the main reason I wanted to review this comic in the first place. (I really love time travel stories.) It was also, unfortunately, probably the weakest of the three. There’s very little dialogue/text, and the artwork isn’t clear enough to figure out what’s going on. We’re at the headquarters of a time agency, and there’s an epic battle involving dinosaurs and guns, while a lower-level employee rolls her eyes and waits for it to be over. Which sounds like a pretty cool story—but I thoroughly read the thing two or three times and am still not really sure what’s going on.

The second story is about the zombie apocalypse. It’s fairly standard as far as zombie stories go, but the characters all speak in Cockney slang, which makes things a bit more interesting/amusing.

The third story was, by far, my favorite. The members of a demonic cult get together in the dead of night to perform an ancient ritual that will unleash untold terrors upon the world—all while inserting their own commentary, griping about their ordinary lives, arguing about how to do the ritual right, etc. Some guys get together after work to watch football and have a pint. These guys get together after work to summon a demon. It’s pretty funny all through.

This comic has a lot of potential. It’s flawed, to be sure, but since it’s an anthology, rather than an ongoing story, the fact that part of it is weak, or doesn’t interest me, doesn’t mean that the rest can’t be great. I’m a big fan of quirky British humor, and I’d be interested to see more of what this team comes up with.

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