‘Rocket Salvage #3:’ Comic Book Review

When we last left Primo Rocket and the rest of the gang at Rocket Salvage, they were on the run from . . . pretty much everybody. They’re in possession of an ultimate weapon that’s highly in demand for both sides of a massive conflict. What none of the people chasing them realizes, though, is that the “weapon” is actually Primo’s teenage daughter/clone, Zeta.

This issue is fast paced, with everything seemingly happening at once. Combined with a bit of problem solving via random techno-speak, it makes it just a little bit difficult to keep track of what’s going on. Still, it manages to be a fun adventure that’s enough to keep us hooked on the story and wanting to come back.

Also, there’s some great character development in this issue. The first issue introduced us to everyone with title cards, saying, “Primo’s an awesome racer,” “Zeta’s really smart,” “Beta (Primo’s other clone) is really stupid,” and so on. It was a great way of throwing us into the story quickly, but it also somewhat forced everyone into pre-made molds.

Now, though, the characters are finally becoming real people, and people that we care about. Plus, we’re able to get a better understanding of just how a washed-up racer-turned-junkman ended up being a single dad to two clones of himself—and what each of them really means to him.

We have just two issues left before the end of Rocket Salvage, and they promise a lot of action and fun. It’s not perfect, but the story is good, the characters are good, and the artwork is great. That makes Rocket Salvage worth checking out.

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