‘Captain Midnight Volume 4: Crash and Burn’ – Advance TPB Review

Things did not end well for our hero in the previous volume. After being betrayed by one person he cares about and losing another, Jim Albright, the man out of time, has begun questioning whether “Captain Midnight” has done any good for the world at all—or if his work only ends up arming the bad guys and his actions only succeed in getting people killed. Cap is despondent and disheveled, ready to pack it in and give up the red suit for good. But, danger lurks on the horizon. Of course, when Captain Midnight’s around, danger always lurks on the horizon. That’s part of the problem.

Fury Shark may be gone, but there are always newer and bigger enemies that pose newer and bigger threats. This time, the threat is a man named Tempus, who’s brilliant, well trained, well armed, and has defeated Cap before. In this, Midnight’s darkest hour, does our hero have what it takes, mentally, physically, or emotionally, to get back in the game and do what needs to be done?

As I’ve said before, what I love about the new Captain Midnight comic is the complex moral issues it raises, as well as the awesome action, of course. In this issue, Cap’s real enemy isn’t Tempus, but himself. What holds him back isn’t the fact that Tempus is a newer and bigger villain, but the fact that Cap is simply too burned out on fight after fight, loss after loss, to be able to take on another enemy.

In fact, he wonders if his real enemy hasn’t always been himself. All the horrible, reprehensible people who can fly and teleport and blow one another to bits got their tech from Albright Industries, and the prototypes first designed by Captain Midnight himself. Would the entire world be better off if he simply took himself out of the equation? These are the questions Midnight needs to answer for himself in this issue—and the answers aren’t as simple as they used to be back in WWII.

This is a solid volume and a great entry in the ongoing saga of Captain Midnight. If you’ve been reading the story from the beginning, you’ll definitely want to pick up Crash and Burn. And, if you haven’t been reading it from the beginning, you probably should be.

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