The Clone Wars: "Mercy Mission" Review

"Understanding is Honoring the Truth Beneath the Surface"


No Obi-Wan again? You're killing me, guys! C-3PO and R2-D2 are in the spotlight this time around, which led to a pretty fun episode.


It was interesting to see The Aleena. The only other time we ever saw them was in The Phantom Menace with the one Aleena crashing his pod racer with what was probably the most hilarious death scream ever captured on film. The Aleena are a strange looking bunch, but you can't help but think how adorable they are in their speaeh and mannerisms.  Not too cutesy, but we're bordering on Ewoks, here. That's not a complaint, because they did actually make me laugh quite a few times. Especially at the very beginning with an Aleena flying up next to Commander Wollfe's ship, speaking in hilarious jibberish, and Wollfe stating, "Great. It's gonna be one of THOSE planets." I was cracking up.



Commander Wollfe is one bad-ass-looking dude, as are his troopers. Their armor has a wolf-like emblem on the helmet that I really dug. I'm pretty sure we're going to be seeing more of them this season. And, I can only assume the namesake comes from Dave Filoni's own personal "Wolf Pack."


So, 3PO and R2 help escort the Aleena down into the depths, below. Earlier, a trooper was on the verge of delivering the classic "I've got a bad feeling about this" line. I felt it coming from a mile away and yet... nothing! Though, I was not disappointed, since, a mere 2 minutes later, 3PO threw out the line right before falling down a huge tunnel, which prompted R2 to bust out the thrusters and fly down after him. Just the glowing of the droids' eyes down in the dark cavern was really well animated. The banter between the two was reminiscent of the original trilogy with know-it-all 3PO exclaiming, "I knew I'd find a way out." If R2 could roll his eyes, he would have.


With 3PO lost, Wollfe is without a translator droid, and his frustration towards trying to decipher the Aleena's blabbering was great.


The "Tree Creatures" or Ents, as I will call them, were a rather creepy looking bunch. Strange they would choose to have a race of tree people living underground. Just me?


There were some awesome particle effects in this episode with some fairy-type creatures that flew around the cave, eventually swirling together to form Orphene. There was a great moment with her stroking R2's dome and him quivering and whimpering.


When 3PO figures out Orphene's riddle, R2 is seem standing in the background in a manner that just screams, "Sigh.. whatever." I had to rewind several times because I couldn't stop laughing. For a droid with no face that speaks in beeps and whistles, his reactions are some of the best in the saga.


When I thought things couldn't get better I was treated to R2's scream as they were thrust into the air by a geyser. In the old Rouge Squadran games, I would often intentionally let my X-wing get shot up just to hear R2 wail.


Commander Wollfe's comment on dropping off the Droids the first chance they get was a great way to end the episode.


All in all it was a fun little episode. Hopefully, we'll get back to more of the action next week.


'Till next week!

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