The Clone Wars: "Shadow Warrior" Review

With an awesome episode title like "Shadow Warrior" and having seen a clip ahead of time with Anakin and Dooku going head to head, I can honestly say the last thing I was expecting was more Gungans! I was kinda hoping that, after dedicating several episodes to Gungans already, the writers got them out of their system already. Apparently not. But, it did (kind of) answer a question I had in the previous episodes. Where the hell is Boss Nass?? We have a new Boss by the name of Boss Lyonie. Maybe Nass is on holiday, or getting the liposuction he so desperately needs. Why does Boss Nass looks nothing like the other Gungans? He doesn’t even look like an overweight Gungan either, more like a toad. But, I digress. I could go on about Nass for hours. Lyonie is obviously in these episodes, so that he can bring in the comedic stylings of Jar Jar Binks in a sort of Prince and the Pauper meets Intergalactic Civil War.


Lyonie gets stabbed (rut roh!), and Anakin comes up with the brilliant idea of having Jar Jar take his place due to their uncanny resemblance. Don't all Gungans look alike anyway? They did kinda poke fun of that with Jar Jar saying, "But, weesa don’t all look alike," which kinda made me laugh. Probably more because of the absurdity of the whole thing. But, I have to check myself and remember, hey, it's a kids' show after all.

One of the best things the Gungans have provided us with is amazing music. The Gungan City "theme" that they play in Phantom Menace makes a return here. It's such a great score. Eerily beautiful is what pops into my head every time I hear it.

Anakin chasing after Rish Loo on that Kaduu was fairly amusing. Rish Loo is tearing it up on a speeder while Anakin trails behind on that ridiculous-looking creature. And, I will also admit that Jar Jar did make me laugh, again, when he first met with Grievous; he just froze in this hilarious pose I can't even describe.

The second half of the episode had the good stuff. Dooku catching Anakin. Seeing these two go at it again brought me back to Attack of the Clones. I also noticed Anakin can't catch a break this season and seems to be constantly getting electrocuted. First, the Hydroid Medusas and now Dooku and his MagnaGuards. The MagnaGuards even had Anakin down on all fours, shocking the living daylights out of him, only to have him force push all four of them away without lifting a finger. Beautiful... 

And then, the unthinkable happens.

Gungans kicking ass.

Never thought I would see the day. A hoard of Gungans taking on Grievous was a thing of beauty. Who knew the buggers had it in them! Though, it came with a price by taking the life of the only Gungan I had any sort of respect for, General Tarpals.

All in all, this was a decent episode. Hopefully, the writers have now gotten over their Gungan fever, and we can focus the rest of the season on the other characters. Where the hell is Obi-Wan?? And, Kit Fisto got his turn in the spotlight, so I wanna see some Plo Koon action, and soon!

'Till the next episode!

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