Star Wars: Knight Errant—Escape #1 - Advance Comic Book Review


SW Knight Errant 1My love of Star Wars knows no bounds (I am literally sipping coffee from a Boba Fett mug as I write this.), but I always find myself at a constant struggle when it comes to the Expanded Universe. The EU is giving me what I am constantly craving, more Star Wars, but as I've been vocal about it in the past, the outcome is usually hit or miss in my eyes. I have to give credit to the artists out there who can actually bring us a solid story centered around characters we've never heard of before. My last review for Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison was a perfect example of EU done right. This first issue in a five-part series, Knight Errant: Escape, is a mixed bag for me.

I consider my knowledge of the EU to be above average, so when I heard the main protagonist was Kerra Holt, my interest was piqued. I knew OF her, but not much about her. So, without spoiling anything for you all, the story basically takes place in a time where two Sith brothers, Odion and Daimon, are at war, and Kerra Holt plans on bringing down Odion from the inside. The plot is pretty thin, but I had to remind myself that this is only the first issue and they are just setting us up. But, for this issue alone, I felt it started strong with a great interaction between Kerra and a mysterious dude named Waylan, dragged in the middle, and didn't really grab my attention again until the "big reveal" at the end.

I enjoyed the artwork for the most part. It wasn't distracting and it held my attention, which is key with me, as the mere sight of a squirrel has me off and running. I have to point out that one of the Sith riding a giant purple monster into battle was cringe worthy. I understand there are a lot of bizarre-looking creatures in the Star Wars universe, but dear lord, purple? Really? Doesn't really scream "intimidating." One panal also eerily resembled the famous painting of Napoleon on his horse, which made me laugh even more.

Also noteworthy was a red Rodian. I've never seen a red Rodian before, so I am to assume that it's evil. Which it was. The Star Wars universe makes this painfully obvious as to who is good and who is evil (even the "Phantom Menace" itself was soooooo obvious, am I right?!), but I feel they are just beating you over the head with it.

For the first issue of an arc, it was decent, but had it not been for Waylan at the start and then the reveal at the end, I don't know if I would have put much thought into continuing the story. So, in that regard, they grabbed me enough to continue, and I have my fingers crossed that things will only pick up from here.


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