Pariah #4 Review

The hits just keep on coming with the latest issue of Pariah from creator/writer Aron Warner, writer Phil Gelatt, and artist Brett Weldele.   We learn the history of the socially deficient Franklin Hyde and why he needs all the “Vitros” to be gathered together.  We learn why he’s so darn odd and what his parents are like.  We learn what he wants and what he’s willing to do to get it.  We learn all this, but, by the conclusion of the issue, we haven’t learned all we really want to know, which is: when can I get Issue #5?!

What isn’t good about this comic?  It’s thoughtful, socially relevant, funny, and truly unique.  The characters are interesting and exciting, whether they are despicable sociopaths or courageous leaders or nerds who just dream of getting the girl.  The near future America they live in is horrific yet entirely believable.  And, the story Warner and Gelatt created is entertaining, engrossing, and unlike anything I can think of.   Set in 2025 America, it walks this really nice line between being a typical present-day thriller and being so futuristic, as to be distancing for the audience.  Reading Pariah, one sees that, for better or for worse, we are only a few small steps away from this world, making it instantly relatable and that much scarier.  

Beyond the story, the art really stands out in this issue.  A simple layout gives way to the straightforward story, and Weldele’s beautiful art brings it all home.  With his use of detail and light, he all but physically moves your head for you as your eyes are pulled across these radiant pages.  Weldele’s sketchy style, evolving extraordinary detail at whim, helps tell this story as much as the writing does.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, Pariah is one of the best new series out there.  Issue #4 comes out soon, and, just as soon as you read it, you’ll be chomping at the bit for Issue #5.


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