‘Tarzan - In The City of Gold (Volume 1):’ Hardcover Review

Tarzan.  We all know his primal call, as he swings through the jungle, fighting both man and beast, bringing goodness and justice to a harsh, unforgiving African jungle.  Tarzan - In the City of Gold collects three dynamic years of Burne Hogarth’s run as artist on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ influential Sunday comic strip, scripted by Don Garden. 

Hogarth stepped into the enormous shoes of the legendary artist Hal Foster who drew the first Tarzan comic strip in 1929.  Hogarth took over for Foster after a nearly 8-year run on the series, picking up in the middle of the story Tarzan - In the City of Gold.  Completing that arc and continuing on for another eight straight years himself, Burne Hogarth’s art evolved from an impressive imitation of Foster’s style to a powerful and individual expression. 

Reading through these fantastical, full-color pages transports you to a time of wonder.  Africa is depicted as a place of mystery and wonder, full of wild beasts and and strong, seductive, and secretive civilizations.  Tarzan, neither a product of man nor of beast, has surpassed both and roams the jungled continent, helping those in need and dispatching villainy wherever he may find it.  Hogarth’s art conveys both the imagination and dynamism of the fantasy of Africa at the time.  His panels practically overflow with detail, whether our hero is swinging through the thick foliage of the jungle canopy or dashing across an open African plain with an army of animal cohorts.  It’s another magnificent collection from Titan Books. Whether you’re a collector, a comic historian, or a fan interested in learning more about one of the great forefathers of the medium, you’ll want to check out this brand new, luxurious hardcover collection, Tarzan - In the City of Gold.

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