‘Solid State Tank Girl:’ Hardcover Review

Titan Books has released a new Tank Girl punk rock epic from Alan Martin and artist Warwick Johnson-Cadwell that will hit you over the head, steal your $19.99, and take you out for beers and bangers before jettisoning you off into a raunchy, foul-mouthed, drug-fueled, Innerspace-style adventure into Booga’s bollock . . . yep . . . past his brain and out again, temporarily saving his life but releasing a violent and vengeful Anti-Tank Girl, who, along with her pals Anti-Jet Girl, Anti-Booga, and Anti-Barney, chase our heroes to the edge of the earth, forcing them into a to-the-death battle of wits and giant machines that form larger, giant machines, all while trying to revive a slowly and mysteriously dying Booga in the sexy, new hardcover Solid State Tank Girl.

Martin credits "Fantastic Voyage. Doug McClure. Medium-dry cider. And, Doctor Who," as his inspiration. Johnson-Cadwell matches Martin’s frenetic story style, and, together, they lay down biting social commentary while having more fun than any comic I’ve seen in a while.

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Sam Rhodes

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