'Lost Lake:' A Film Review


Lost LakeLost Lake is a head-spinning slasher film that keeps you on the edge of your seat right up until the shocking finale.  A new indie horror flick from Special Order Films directed by Marcus Nash, Lost Lake follows a young couple, Tricia (Katie Keene) and Jeff (John Shartzer), as they travel to a ghost town, just outside of Death Valley, CA, in search of their oddball uncle (Ezra Buzzington). 

The movie is shot beautifully, infusing the film with the hopelessness and fear of the location, a decaying, desert town called Trona, California.  In many ways a by-the-book slasher, the script is simple and clean, but completely unpredictable.  The real standouts, though, are the performances - most notably, Ezra Buzzington as Uncle Vern.  His transformation in the film will take you off guard whether you know it’s going to happen or not.  His performance as both the kooky uncle and the insane serial killer, played with gleeful abandon, will, by turns, charm and utterly disturb you.  The leads, Katie Keene and John Shartzer, carry the film from beginning to end with ease, and Keene especially went through the emotional wringer with her character, never missing a beat. 

Halloween is over, but for horror fans who want to hang onto the feeling for a little while longer, you’d do well to check out Lost Lake.  



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