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Womanthology Space Cover3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . lift off!  Womanthology: Space #1 is almost here, and it’s out of this world!  For those that don’t know, Womanthology started with a tweet from Renae De Liz and ended up as a 300-page hardcover comic anthology (Heroic) and now an ongoing IDW series, created entirely by women.  Womanthology: Space is the first, five-issue arc of the series, and it includes work from talented women ranging from pros in the industry to an inspired ten-year-old artist, and contains stories that are exciting, hilarious, and moving.  

The first issue, itself, contains five separate stories, all exploring the central idea of space in all its contradictory terms.  Whether the story follows a purple alien waiting tables in a lonely space truck stop or Warrior Princess Plutonia saving a brave Earth man from the slimy clutches of the Gelatinauts, you can count on the stories being fun to the point where I was laughing out loud while cheering on the characters and clever to the point where, as I read and reread this issue, I continued to pull new, subtle social commentary from each and every piece.  Despite being around six pages each, the stories all had a depth to them, and, ultimately, I could see each eventually serialized on their own.  

The variety of the art work is yet another exciting aspect of this project.  In this single issue, there were seven artists who contributed work including two pin ups at the end of the book.  From clean-line comic strip art of Stacy Ponder’s Space Girls to the shadowy nuance of Alison Ross and Stephanie Hans’ Scaling Heaven, Womanthology: Space #1 brings them all together in a cohesive and entertaining first issue of, what is sure to be, a great new series.

Boldy going where no comic has gone before, Womanthology: Space #1 demonstrates, above all, the skill and import of the women working regularly in the comic industry today and maybe even more importantly those who should be.  Pick up your copy of Womanthology: Space #1 at your local comic book shop when it releases on Wednesday, September 19th. 



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