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Triage 1And, WE Comics has done it again!  Another new comic and writer Mairghread Scott and artist Candace Ellis have hit it out of the park.  Triage is geared more towards adults than the other WE Comics fare; it’s snappy and slightly disturbing, and the first issue is a strong opener for what promises to be a really great comic.


Scott uses internal dialogue to thrust us into the story immediately, and we quickly grow attached to the lead, Cassie Jurich.  She’s an EMT and helping people, she concedes, is the only thing she’s good at.  Then, on what seems to be another routine call, Cassie is - without warning - fatally, heartbreakingly struck by a car.  But, for some strange reason that no one, least of all Cassie herself, can explain, she lives and even recovers in a matter of days.  And, from here on out, you’re on your own.  There are elements of intrigue and the supernatural, and as Cassie slowly begins to understand that she is somehow different, powerful, maybe even superhuman, she also begins to see the world around her change into something unfamiliar and very, very dangerous.  

Candace Ellis’ art is good.  It’s clean and active and bounces from car crashes to clinical charts with ease.  The book is black and white with the occasional splashes of color to highlight a sequence or character. Mairghread Scott’s writing is crisp, witty, and terribly exciting.  She also expertly uses dialogue to quickly establish characters that feel approachable and real, allowing her to get on with the story.    

If you’re like me and have to look up what “triage” means, let me spare you the five seconds; it’s the process of determining patients' treatment based on the severity of their condition, according to Wikipedia.  Well, you’ll have to let Mrs. Scott and Ms. Ellis reveal how that applies in further issues of this unique, new comic, but let me give you a little advice.  When determining the priority of comics to buy this month based on their ratio of awesomeness to cost, I’d put Triage at the top of my list.

Triage #1 is available digitally here for just $1!  What are you waiting for?!





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