‘Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi—Force War #1’ – Advance Comic Book Review

The beginning of the third act is finally here.  As the two previous stories have alluded to, the Rakatan Infinite Empire has come knocking on the Tython System’s door with a massive military force.  Initially unable to stop their advance, the Je’daii forces and their non-Force-using allies work together to push back the Rakatans before doom takes them all, but the cost of doing so means opening up their hearts to the one thing that could tip the balance of the universe forever against the Light Side.



Following the proof that his visions were real and that the Infinite Empire is making their way through the settled worlds of Tython, former Je’daii Daegon Lok rallies people behind him as he pushes back against the Rakatan advance.  Xesh, the former Force Hound of the advance Rakatan recon force, helps his new allies by showing them how to forge Forcesabers and leading them into battle against the unstoppable military might of the Infinite Empire.  Overwhelmed by the need to put balance on hold, the Je’daii succeed in stopping the oncoming attack . . . for the moment.  Meanwhile, the head of the Rakatan military questions her superior’s reasons for attacking Tython and is pleasantly surprised by the answers, up until she outlives her usefulness to him.


It has been a while since I read the second story arc of the Dawn of the Jedi series, but I feel as though the gap between the end of that arc and the beginning of this one is much too great; things are happening within the very first issue that reference events that haven’t actually been seen, causing me great confusion from time to time.  For a brief moment, I thought perhaps the events that seem to be missing took place in the recently released novel Into the Void, but the plot for that book does not impact the overall story arc that has been presented thus far in the comics.  Therefore, my slight confusion remains, although I am sure more will be made known as further issues are released.

Several Je’daii are having a hard time dealing with the need to use Forcesabers and opening themselves up to the darker power of the Force than they previously have dealt with.  For some, this has caused internal conflicts with the possibility of complications, and while I enjoy seeing someone doing soul searching—even if it leads to a “bad end”—the fact that they made the Sith species character the one most likely to fall from the Light is a bit of a stereotyped cliché in my book.  Humans are well known to be all over the spectrum of the Force, and Sith are best known as being the species that spawned the ideological Sith Empire and its many incarnations, but I would love to see some lesser known species being prominent players in the battle of Light and Dark.

The one thing that I absolutely loved about the issue was the background it provided on the Flesh Raiders. Being an avid player of the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, I’ve dealt with these creatures before, but until now nothing else was really known about them outside of the game.  The explanation for their appearance and motivations make a lot of sense both in the comic and in the game, and I cannot wait to see more information regarding them as more issues are released to the ever-present fanbase.

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