Arise, Dead Ones, Arise! A Review of ‘Dead Roots #1-3’

I’m not big on the whole zombie culture deal, even though I did enjoy some of the Resident Evil films and really liked Shaun of the Dead.  I’m not a horror fan, so it takes a lot to really interest me, and, normally anthologies are hard to grab my attention, too, but Dead Roots took quite a different approach than I had expected.  Several different stories by several different creative teams look at the zombie effect from many different points of view, and while they all have one overall theme, there are so many things that are different that it is truly seeing a vast array of unique and interesting stories.


Very Brief Overview

For some unknown reason, people are turning into zombies, either by spontaneous means or by being bitten by an already infected individual.  People from all walks of life, from as high up as the Prime Minister at Number 10 on down to the lowly barista slumming it next door, no one is immune from the possibility of becoming one of the walking dead.  Each story tells a tale about a different aspect of the global crisis hitting the population, and while there are some allusions to it being a deliverance from a deity who is fed up with the world, there is no real backstory into why this is all happening.


There is a lot of talent involved in this anthology, and a lot of different styles depicting the various stories told.  I enjoy seeing the different showcased styles, allowing me to get a very different feel from each of the characters and settings.  Most of the stories seem to take place within Britain, as evidenced by the Union Jack and references to various British cultural stereotypes that have been perpetuated throughout time. Even though I am an American, I enjoy British culture extensively from my historical and contemporary viewpoints.

The talent pool is so diverse that, sadly, there are some issues with publishing the anthology, which is why the creators started their own Kickstarter campaign to help fund the effort.  3 trades have already been published, with a 4th on the way, but the Kickstarter is being used to publish the entire collection.  The project started on October 1st and already it has reached its goal with still a long way to go; clearly I am not the only one who believes this anthology is full of great artwork, storytelling, and diversity.

If you have not had the chance to read even one of these short stories, then you are missing out on a lot of fantastic adventures.  Of the whole bunch from all three books, I’ve enjoyed Many Happy Returns from Book Two and @Zombify from Book Three; neither of them were what I would describe as a “classic” zombie story, or even something associated with the hilarity that was Shaun of the Dead, but both told very unique stories from interesting viewpoints and were funny and enjoyable in their own ways.

If someone like me, who is so very much not a zombie fan or a horror movie aficionado, can enjoy these stories, then everyone should be able to find something they like.  With the diverse talent available, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  So, give the this anthology a try, and, if you really like it, then think about supporting their Kickstarter by clicking here
. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.



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