‘The Other Dead #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

This is certainly a new series for me, and one that has a lot of graphic detail to it.  I didn’t know what to expect when I first picked it up, but I’ll say this much: it is most certainly intended for a more mature reading audience than I originally thought.  There’s a lot going on, and the details are very important to understand it all, but I am hooked in the sense of trying to figure out just what is going on . . . and so will you.



Several different stories take place over a handful of days, all of which are interconnected in some fashion, from the cultist rock band who wants to become famous to the pack of deer hunters wanting to bring home a trophy for the local lodge.  An event that takes the country by storm, both literally and figuratively, is on the horizon, preparing to snap at the first person who discovers it, and it happens to be the wonderful state of Louisiana that is right in its path.  A wannabe rocker who resorts to a blood sacrifice to get his desires wonders if he’s really in his right mind when a flock of undead ducks start to rampage his house, but that pales in comparison when a deer who has been shot in the head starts to charge its killers.  It seems as though if these animals get their way, their human killers will soon become the OTHER dead animals.


As I mentioned, the comic is certainly intended for a mature reading audience than most of the titles I’ve read throughout the years.  There is an excessive amount of clear profanity, some very sexually suggestive material, and the violence is quite graphic.  I personally have no problems with any of this, as it all seems to be done in a very realistic fashion and hasn’t become gratuitous for the sake of attracting an audience, but I do think that it was a lot to take in all in just one issue—and the first issue, to boot.  There’s such a thing as oversaturation, and this comic seems to be in danger of doing just that.

In regards to the plot, however, I am very much intrigued; I have no real idea of what is going on, how things are likely to take a turn for the worse, and just how this will end up with the President of the United States stepping in.  It really seems as though this is a classic plot for a horror film, and all it is missing is the stereotypical virgin who will be dead once they have sex for the first time.  It really is an interesting story, though, as I have no idea what the future will really hold for it, but the artwork and graphic design is superb.

The Future

Ending on a continuation was pretty evident when I first started reading the comic; there was no way they were going to be able to get everything figured out and resolved before the end of the first issue.  It looks as though the creative team is setting up a long-term world-building environment, bringing in elements that are both small and appealing to catch the audience’s attention for more exposition later on down the line, all of which is well thought out and impressive.  I just hope that they’re able to keep up with it as time progresses.

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