‘Powerpuff Girls #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I grew up with The Powerpuff Girls. They were one of my favorite cartoons at the time, and I loved the stylistic animation that was a cross between old-school cartoons and new-age sharp angles.  There was a point when I even read an online fan-made publication of the young-aged girls, so when I heard there was a chance to review a new, official comic about the terrific trio of sugar and spice, I jumped at the chance.  IDW has once again brought to life a licensed property that otherwise would have been stuck in fandom limbo.



All seems quiet and quaint in the City of Townsville, until the antics of the most insidious and underhanded villain in the Powerpuff Girls’ rogue’s gallery comes calling.  Mojo Jojo, the big-brained primate who has a huge hate-on for the tiny gals of wonder, is once again attacking the city, hoping to wipe out his free-flying adversaries with yet another invention of his; however, like always, The PPGs put Mojo in his place and back in jail, but by doing so they cause a sort of existential crises within the monkey’s mind. After all this time of battling it out with the city’s smallest heroes, he wants to change it all up and become what he used to be: a simple simian of suburbia.  Will he get his wish? Will he take the antidote and change his massive brain back into a tiny one?  It is unknown, because this is when it becomes a two-parter!


The comic kept pretty close to the stylistic storytelling and characters of the cartoon, though some things are not always easy to transition over.  The quick scene change of what’s going on one moment to be replaced by something different almost immediately works well in a panel-to-panel environment of a comic book, but the flying acrobats and slam-packed action that makes these tiny gals a supreme force to be recognized and reckoned with doesn’t quite so much.  The thing with comic books is that it takes longer to show an action sequence, or even a long-winded conversation/monologue between characters, so the short, 15-minute episodes that the cartoons had end up taking more than one comic issue to convey.

Perhaps it is because I just recently re-watched Aliens, but the exoskeleton suit that Mojo was using to attack the city reminded me a lot of the one in the film.  PPG has always been a bit on the kooky side of fun, taking from pop culture and the many sub-genres of it to make little inside-jokes, so I can see why this was thrown in, but I have to wonder, just how does Mojo Jojo get all of these things for his plans?

The Future

I can easily see this continuing for a long time, especially given what I said above about it taking longer to show what goes on.  I’m just glad that they aren’t trying to have two stories within a single issue like they did the cartoons; that would have made things too cluttered, too rushed, and not as entertaining.

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